the Main task of every child to survive and grow in that coordinate system in which they find themselves. In the system of adults - moms and dads. And, in order to grow, all living things need heat and light. The love and approval of parents or other people who they replace. Adult ("little Professor") in every child, explores what you need to do to smiled, caressed, praised mom and dad. Finds, ( "Eureka!") starts like a power plant, "to produce" heat and light, and makes the decision to repeat these steps again and again. Since forming knowledge - how to make love, and certain habits - what you need to do to save it.

One of the brightest memories of my childhood

I was about 6 or 7 years. And on Sundays we go to the city baths. I'm having fun. We go all three of us. Mom is busy, dresses up, she dresses me, dad, though the output, in uniform-skinny. Now we go to the bus, my mom will paint your nails a fun red color, and then she will ask my aunt to put me Shorty, and dad when to drink beer, buy me the wheel with the salt!

We are on a narrow bath corridor along the wall are chairs for waiting. My legs Bouncing and his hands pressed to chest German doll, beautiful is not a single my girlfriend. And suddenly... I see sitting in a row of children. They were as gray sparrows: their heads were shaved bald , they were all dressed in identical gray dresses, I realized that it was girls, and their delicate neck with a shaved head was sticking out of those ugly dresses like toadstools. They all eyes staring at us. And I in all eyes looked at them. I am a smartly dressed, well-fed girl with two long pigtails in nylon bows.

" Look at these girls!" - Said my mother.- "Passed them to the orphanage because they did not obey their parents. And now they have no mom and dad!"

I, my friends: Gena, Tanya, Vanya, too, sometimes did not obey their parents, and then we were not allowed to walk, put in the corner, thrashed. But, what else could it be!!!

I will not have braids with elegant bows, beautiful dolls, funny red little finger.

now I understand about yelling my mother - "don't test my patience!" Here and other moms, endured, suffered and declined.

" I will obey my mother."

Several times I have seen these children. And, from afar, had stopped breathing when passing by to catch their disobedience. But then, I knew exactly how to keep the love!

...Many years later. I'm married. We have two children. I love my family. Love and pride in her husband. And, not only love my job: I am a music teacher in kindergarten. I have higher musical education, and I don't like.

Husband are passionate about their work, their studies in graduate school, he enthusiastically shared with me his plans for the future. I share with them thoughts about buying another profession. He calms down and says that his career in our family will do it, because he is a man and is responsible for the financial security of the family. And, here, if I take care of kids and life, it all happens much sooner.

I obeyed.

I was six years old knew how to keep love and happiness!

Only now, not only mine, but two of our children!

Here and go, sometimes in 6 year old children's shoes, without even noticing.

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