All parents at least once in their life had to endure childish tantrums, tears, whims. In such moments it is very difficult to keep self-control, emotional balance and Mature position. Especially when the child is still small. We are biologically set up so that the cry of a baby evokes in us the activation program of hazard recognition. The instinct to preserve the species dictates our reactions "alarm, danger, save posterity".

(Perhaps that is why crying is so annoying the others in stores,airplanes and other public places)

If you capture children's tantrums so that you are "hysterical", then this video might be useful for you.

This practical mini-course where I tried in minimum time to accommodate the maximum benefit.

half an hour (I don't have the time to watch and listen to a 1.5-2 hour webinars) we are analyzing your 5 typical parent mistakes during a child's tantrums.

(Hysteria I call here what we usually so-called in everyday speech, although it would be better to call violent emotional reaction with psychomotor agitation).

Based on the needs of the child we will try to formulate 5 healthy strategies of parental behavior in the moments of children's tantrums.

In the second part I will talk about "lifehacks" for parents, simple and affordable ways to help an adult cope with their strong feelings, with stress to try to keep calm and to help your child.

I'd add that these simple (and biologically based) techniques can be useful not only in the situation of children's tantrums (but in the case of adult tantrums ))).

About the practice of awareness , mindfulness, you can read here

Reviews of the "Conscious parenting" you will find on my page in FB

If you are interested in the program "Conscious parenthood", where during the 9 weeks you will be able to learn almost many techniques of self-regulation, emotional control, of body and mind, to teach it to your children, write me in personal message or in the comments.

Sophia Zotova.

Zotova Sophia
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