Bakers is not a wild boar. Don't go with Baker in the year of the pig.


Bakers. There are non-ruminant hoofed animals, of which appearance very similar to normal pigs. For the uninitiated, can not tell the difference. She lies, as usual, in details: the stomach is not so arranged, the fingers on the limbs not reduced, the shape of the face (sorry, muzzle) is somewhat different, the number of mammary glands less. A first glance – well, a pig. And it confused many. Even wise men, initiated into the mysteries of bakers for a long time took most of these bekarevich to the usual family of pigs. But, no! Bakers is "animals that can break through the road in the woods." Pigs are just who found civilized boars.

Top of the picture bakers. Bottom - pig. See for yourself - like!

and so it is with people. Haven't you noticed? It seems like all around a regular, equal, same. State laws, human and divine for all alone. Live on the same Earth, breathe the same air. But once-and not make out that in a large and friendly herd of "pigs" is sure to live indistinguishable bakers. At first glance, indistinguishable. And if you look closely you can detect that we are all a little bakers. Not in a biological sense, of course... In the psychological.

How to distinguish "official" Baker of the snout of the pig? We must remember that the difference lies in the indefinable first glance the details.

So, the human "bakers" are ordinary pig's life – go to work, sleep, have fun, sit in social networks, are tired, ill, happy, celebrate and mourn, laugh and Nevada, heavily mined on the bread, enjoy the rights and bear responsibility. And then suddenly one day it turns out that they did "not such". For their work should pay more, their errors are supposed not to notice, their desires and needs are clearly more important than the needs of others, they can Express emotions, do not hesitate, you can not choose the words, and not to look around, taking "their", they do unlike the rest of you just right and everything!

And I'm not about "heaven" (officials, deputies, oligarchs, etc). You eloquently and from all angles will happily tell the TV and the Internet. It's about us.

What is really there the justice? A favorite we can afford to forgive almost everything. But not the usual "pigs". If we were wrong, screwed up, insulted, lost, it's just an error, but if the same thing was made by someone close, it is clearly a disaster that requires condemnation and most severe punishment.
they Say if you do a thorough examination of the beam in its own eye, the mote in others ' eyes, time is simply not enough. Devote more time to his "log"! Do not rush to condemn other people for making themselves everywhere and every hour. Recognize that the other person is worth understanding, attention, well-being and happiness as much as You do. Apply rigorous measurement standards to himself and assumptions - with respect to other. Do not blame their failures on circumstances and people, they're Your failures! Well, if you think well!

Better enjoy the healing practice of self-improvement and philanthropy. Because together we – force, and separately – a target for shooting. Be a "good Baker", bringing light to the many mill multi-colored and different-sized pigs. Show your uniqueness for the benefit of themselves, people and life. So, you see, even the patron Saint of next year, will give You his favor.

happy New year! Let the pig be the best friend of all the bakers!

With love and respect, the healer of souls, I. G. Bechtel

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