every age has its own characteristics.

childhood is filled with the rapid changes of these features. And I often hear: "I'm small" when the child is already more than 15 years.

Parents forget, for example, that the child has already grown or, on the contrary, that it is still small. And I've been trying to violate the laws of nature!

"You don't understand what you say!" It's mom crossing the road with a child. In appearance the child is only 3 years old! And I want to say , of course not understand. "Stop, squat down , on the contrary, hold and from the heart say it so he understood!"

And finally, we meet the young adults: in transport, where we do not give up their seats, talking rudely to adults, or do not want anything... And my mom "dragged" to a small adult a child.

What you need to do to fix the situation? Mom, it is important to bring the level of self-awareness in relation to their child. Of course, in the case consultations.

Therefore, I propose the technique of "balance Wheel" to work with my mom. The sectors proposed Michurinskiy psychologist Larisa Sviridova.

balance Wheel for mom

we Offer the mom to fill in on sheet 2 of the wheels( better to prepare a stencil)

1.Who am I?

Within these sectors:

teacher, teacher, boyfriend(girlfriend), parent(limiter), role model, staff, the source of ideas (inspiration), the alarm object.

2 what I would like to become for my child?

Mom fills, researches together with a psychologist every role( can remain and those that have been, and appear quite new)

let's Examine each role separately:

Why does this matter to you? Or what is the value of this role?

If on a scale of 1 to 10, where now you in this role? And how many wanted to? What to change, if you 10 (version numbers, where you want, the voice of the mother)

Example. Insights the client can get are:

"that she rejects in their child traits that her peculiar, they are very similar. And yet it is difficult to Express to him my feelings, and the child too."

And then define the steps that you need to do to become what you want for your child? Small and easy steps!

I Hope the article was useful to you!

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Elena Kuzmina
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