(Essays from the practice.)

On the advice of a beautiful young girl. During a conversation with her, I feel some parts of her life, which had to request an indirect relationship, but to life in General is very important. And I dare her to hold such a metaphorical test. I wonder not the man to say something, but he all he saw, felt, lived.

What flower?

I'm Dahlia, grandma in the country grew these flowers.

— Look at where it grows, on what grounds? That surrounds it?

Is the bed, the fat black earth, dahlias around a small fence around the meadow, forest.

(black Fat soil is good, conditions for development in the family was good, to confuse the fence, who fenced off? But that's for next session.)

— the Roots what?

— the Roots similar as... but still... I do not understand the bulb in the ground, not from the flower... it's a bow!


— Yeah, and he entwined roots of the rose. Still not Dahlia, rose. Pink rose — so corny! Why not Dahlia?

— why the rose bow?

— You're not surprised that the rose was replaced by Dahlia?

— No. As is always the case. Dahlia you picked "from the mind" and the unconscious was given a rose.

— Oh!

— So, why the rose bow?

— Bow, he benefits, you eat. And rose is a worthless plant.

— And who thinks that the rose useless plant? Dahlias around? Trees? The gardener?

— No, someone, some people, a gray mass of people.

(Pressure of society.)

For the roses is important for their opinion. br>
— yeah...

— do you think a rose is a useless plant?

— No!

— Tell these people.

from somewhere inside are the words: beauty is also important, even if it brings no practical benefit. Even if it is fleeting, it is also important that she have what she had! It pleases the world with their beauty! Even a single moment, but even this moment is important!

— what happens with Rosa?

Miracles! The roots are disconnected! The bow itself, the rose itself! Split, spread. br>
— Great!
(there was a transformation, it is allowed to be beautiful, just like that, without the use.)

— how people, the gray mass, what about them?

— They disappeared. But now the head it sounds: the empty Shell! The empty shell!

who says?

— my grandmother used to say, in the country, when broke off some flowers, I felt sorry for them, and she said that they regret the empty shell torn. (Now via grandmother manifested public opinion that a woman without children is useless. Both women and flowers have to be useful, results.)

And rose is beautiful, but empty shell! The fruit of it is not...

(the Test confirmed what I felt even a ban on procreation.) Rose somehow reproduce?

Yes... formed the ovary and fruit as in rose hips, somehow see. I can see such a yellow center, just as at the hips.

— And the rose is ready to open? To open their petals to flew the bees, the bumblebees?

— No. It's still early, not time.

when you have time.

— it is still spring.

(Marina 36 and another spring, early. I solved metaphorically.)

— As well spring, the rose grows, blossoms, becoming warmer and warmer, the sun is shining brighter and brighter, around the buzzing bees. Summer, the summer came. Like a rose?

Yes, the petals open, open, the bees sit down.

the Time is coming, fall is coming. The sun is not so bright.

Yes, there ovary.

— Good. The leaves turn yellow, the grass gohnet, birds flocked to the South. What happens with Rosa?

— Petals have fallen off, the fruit is like the wild rose.

— what happens next?

— See such a picture, we are sitting in our cottage, the whole family, mom, dad, grandma, sister, aunt, drinking tea. Autumn. Yellow leaves. But still warm. We sit and drink tea. br>
— You made all of these fruits?

— Yes.

??? (Fruit, i.e., children, sacrificed to the parental family, her peace of mind, convenience and idyll) And rose all the fruits given? Maybe some even fell, sprouted in the ground?

— all of it.

then I ask, do you help your parents?

— Yeah, I sent them the money. My sister, too. br>
And I guess you turned to her parental family in the past and the future closed, you're standing back and all the resources directed to the past, in the parent family? Parents need to help, but not at the expense of their lives, their future, their children. Parents are our support, our base, our strength back, we should be facing in the future, and our resources should flow to our children.

— Yeah, my sister is not married, no children. And everything seems like before, we did not get settled, there is no housing. More than half of the funds sent to parents. Parents seem to accept it. br>
— But you argue a few scripted lines. It is necessary to benefit, to have the fruit, children on the one hand, the other still early, but the empty shell to be impossible, and that will tear off your head, there is a solution, the use is brought into the family in the form of time, finances. Future, its family, children being sacrificed.

Yes, I surprised myself this turn... didn't think it was so "started".

— This test is not only diagnostic, through metaphor, a story can change as you want.

— Yeah, okay. I see some of the fruits fell to the ground, they were covered with leaves, the ground. In the spring they germinated in the ground, grows roots and sprouts. All of us well to grow in this bed.

Published with the permission of the client.

Bogdanov Faith
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