the Product of what the Creator did not consider himself a man: the Creator's great plan for all of his earthly existence or a product of the game of blind forces of nature, everyone has instincts, but if there are any main?
the Answer depends on whom he asked. The universal mind, long hanging, multi-reference States that "basic instinct" is a film with Sharon stone, and there you will meet the approval of the American psychologist Dzh.CoE who believed that the religious instinct in the same way inherent in man as the instinct of procreation, there are those who are willing to say that their nature is completely reasonable.

But can you find among Internet users who would not know Freud, no not personally, in the times Ridge has not been such a neurosis as Internet addiction. But what do we know about Freud? Someone with a smirk betray racy anecdote, there are those who are smart will start to explain that the Jews not only crucified Christ, but distorted his message of love thy neighbour...
Yes, in my opinion, anything new that people didn't know before Freud not said but his observation of the ordinary and therefore do not notice, of course, is of interest. Every modern man thinks he knows about the theory Freud enough to violently reject it or, conversely, to use that to peek into other people's dreams, and if possible, to Wake up together.
For me, psychoanalysis this technique is almost the same with that which I create this text. Computer similar and not similar to the human brain, but the human mind he can break and err, infected by the virtual viruses and if viruses computer primarily to protect and treat the products of the Kaspersky, the human mind is to cure and protect it psychoanalysis.
It was still somehow understandable, when the Soviet Union was not sex, but were children, and now sex is, and all the colors, but they say having fewer kids! So let's try to figure out why people love each other, but do not like Dr. Sigismund Schlomo Freud. br>

the First cause, so to speak, in the title. Many of the people with great difficulty endure the presence on the land of the Jews, and if they have someone to teach! The reason for this is not clear, it is more like an anecdote, of course, about the Jew: a simple Jew, an agronomist. Is ridiculous? Never seen a Jew with a shovel? However, every anecdote — it's true!
he dug up his field, well, not a shovel, but according to Russian tradition, the farm tractor, and then there is a flood and the crops wash away in the river.
a Man crying: "Well for this attack, God?!"
Sow the second time. On the crops they shower. "Lord - crying agronomist, - what did I do?"
Sows the third time. Birds swoop and peck seeds. "My God, what is this?!" - he yells, then the skies reopened the window, leans out and God says:
- Well, I don't like you, don't like! And all!
and so with anti-Semitism is not like the Jews, the descendants of Adam, and all!
With a single cause, like, clear. Go ahead. The second reason for the dislike of Freud arose when he said that all the problems of sex! That's what I can't understand why, adult man, knowing how he came into this world to see the cause of their problems in other people?

Makovsky Bella
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