Basic skills (part 1)


to live well, you not so much. Only manage to form a set of basic skills. It is a pity that in school instead are taught to solve typical tasks, meteotoscana to real life. If the world it often happens that you are not happy, so something of the basic skills are not developed or broken. Left to figure out what and how to resetpoint. br>
I've sketched out the basic of what I am working, and which helps the customer to return from "bad" to the state "for the most part everyone is happy". While just a list, and will continue the exercises for independent work. So:

1) the Sensitivity to your emotions

regardless of analyst your psychologist or cognitivist, do you disassemble a difficult childhood or get rid of anxiety, emotional intelligence reigns. From questions about emotions nowhere to hide, and a story about what bonuses you will give a more detailed study of their own and others emotions, will take you a couple hours of lecture. br>
an Example of a "broken" skill: if the client does not feel anger and desire to break contact with a man comes to help her headache. And then contact it out as if by "valid" reason. But, Kamon, my head already hurts! You can continue to use this method, but you can learn to notice your anger without unpleasant symptoms. br>
2) Sensitivity to their needs

This is what I want right now based on my emotions. It is important to say that each skill builds on the previous, therefore, not knowing their emotions, it is impossible to learn about their real needs. And satisfaction is the only safe source of replenishment of internal energy. One from which you can walk on land, work, work, clubbing startups and interfere with the smoothies. No satisfied needs no energy. No energy, no productivity. br>
an Example of a "broken" skill: a hero of our time. The young man, not knowing what to do. Childhood seems to be over, parents accusingly looking at lying on the couch boy (or girl) who doesn't want to engage in uninteresting activities, and that he is interested in fact - doesn't know. This entails the blame for the idleness and shame at his own inadequacy, and depression. Such cases. br>
3) self-acceptance

That is the internal agreement that I really feel it and I really want it. A positive attitude towards your feelings and desires. Permit yourself to want whatever I want. Yes, leather whips. Yes, listen to pop music. Yes, there is meat. Notice I'm not talking about "to do whatever comes into my head" and "allow yourself to want" is important. Some things about himself to us to take it easy, and with some occur the wildest of difficulty. This skill is the essence of acceptance of his Shadow side, about which I had already and a lecture and an article -polyubopytstvuyte. br>
an Example of a "broken" skill in any healthy relationship, there is anger. And Yes, child-parent, too. In the work I have seen different: the inability to take his anger out on a child (he's small!), and the inability to take his anger out on the parents (parents - Holy!). But the feeling is not going away, here's the thing. So a person has something to do with them. For example, to redirect the anger at myself. What we get in the end? The result is guilt, which in its maximum incarnation leads to suicidal thoughts. br>
to be Continued.

Maria Soglaeva
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