In this battlefield there's no blood and broken spears. Not even broken plates. Instead of this unnecessary hoopla billions of tortured nerve cells, kilos of gold jewelry mixed with fur coats, consumed liters of kerosene.

Two very lovely ladies, obayashki, life and death locked in battle. Who will get this handsome? I look at the photos and see well-preserved man. A strong torso, though with an incipient pot belly. But 45 is not bad, is a sign of health. A stylish haircut. Not ugly, but not a star. Typically, such a man.

the eyes of the Prize Men — Oh, how they lust. Then it is understandable why these ladies are so "chopped". A feeling that even I, the psychologist, the womanizer with pictures trying to seduce one of his eyes. Although, let's not cliché! Why just the ladies ' man. I know it's not a good life, he went "left".

This man has gone not from good life and a great life! Prestigious job, a stable marriage, as many as 15 years. Two children, not little, when no step out of the house, but not such adult when it's time to worry about temptations. Own apartment in the city — and no mortgage. I told you, work is good.

in General, my hero gives the impression of a "real man". Everything he goes, goals are achieved, women adore him. By the way, about women.

Wife — it is currently, and figure and face. Fortunately, the finances allow this woman is not to be limited to cucumber mask. Plus, clearly the work of a fitness trainer. Not demure, nature. That's good. A woman feels a lioness. Next to the lion.

And another woman. Mistress. This is just a Panther. Faster, more graceful younger. She has a goal. Not just to entertain, but to create your "pride", his family. The purpose of the fair is not just for ourselves but for him. The other family - well, his wife is a strong woman, she will not allow the Gulf to the children. Nothing bad will happen with anyone after his departure, nobody dies.

a Fight between two predators.

Our lion tired of living in the hot plains near the noisy kids and demanding lion. Flew on a fast plane to the Panther, basking under the shade of a palm tree. What can the mistress of a man? Hot sex, the adoration in his eyes, felt like he 25 again. Promises and prospects. "I'll have your baby, we will always be so good, because I know you appreciate."

the Wife quickly realized that the departed husband is not on a business conference. "He's not Leo — he's an asshole!", — she thought. And then he finished the thought:

"I put my life, the man made it out! Let the goat, but he's MY asshole."When the conference ended, the invalid returned, the wife was not to hide anything."Yes, I know. Know who she is. Know it's my fault that happened.

I haven't told you how much admire you, our family.

Look how much we've been through as a success story. This is all because you tried, reached new heights. For us, for our family.

Look, we have great kids! Your children!

Oh, Yes, I can imagine how difficult you had in the last couple of years. I all the time at work or in the home. I never gave you to feel that you're the man!

You taught me a very harsh lesson, but I learned it.

Remember when we were in Gagra, you said I have great thighs? And I felt like a Queen. Only with you! I can't imagine anyone else next to you, only you. Remember how we were then good! What was the night!

We're made for each other! Therefore, we have such a wonderful family. Let us not destroy it because of one misstep. Come to me, beloved...."

Yes, he remembers everything. Yes, some got carried away. Yes, he appreciates her. Loves only her. He made a mistake. It is about how she is generous! — able to understand and forgive. Gave another chance! More than anything, he won't."Honey, let's exchange wedding rings as a sign that we have new life! But at the same time and you new earrings to complement the ring."Lover living in another city, gets a tragic text."I'm sorry, we must part!"As it is not so! The lion patted the mane and it subsided? Look! The lioness will drive you myself.

And one fine evening the wife is getting a huge message in the messenger. Ah, these modern technologies! How many couples they broke.

In a received message, the screenshots of the correspondence of the unfaithful husband with his mistress. His declarations of love, the blasphemy against the wife, it promises to give birth to the mistress of the child. Photos donated fur coats and jewelry. Retaliation mistress was strong!

Such a wife is not expected. Too painful to know that her husband wanted to create a new family. Fun is still okay. But the new family... just replace them, her and the children.

the Bags outside the door. Fly, little bird!And he flies. In the same city, where the waiting mistress. Why? Well I need somewhere to sleep. Of course, he goes there not to go back to his mistress. He wants to dot the E. Cruel to break up with via SMS. It was necessary to talk, to explain. You have to explain now. The only purpose of the flight.

my wife has a couple of days to think about it. To understand that have got excited. Yes, a goat. Yes, my goat. Yes, and even eccentric. But at stake is a life. Children in the end. Mistress skillfully manipulated them and her. No, it will never happen again. After the plane is flying, "I thought, I forgive you!", and the status of the messenger there is a picture of the happy couple, a new wedding rings. Suck on that!

the Plane in the meantime had landed. The dialogue has already begun.

"do you Remember what happened? Remember what you promised me? Now you want me to throw! You broke my life! How can you?! After all, I trusted you! And you betrayed me! But I'm willing to forgive you, we should be together"And now the time is near for happiness. However, there was a friend Tinker bell, and flies free he wife. In time, however! Jogging, to take a train ticket back.

Now the road back. The clock on the train is boring and monotonous. Brightens them just the same messenger. Wife and mistress — both online. Both spend megabytes of traffic to make their image brighter. Both don't know that the dialogues are conducted in parallel. From time to time do not know.

Our hero, our man, our lion — wants to be generous to the last! Let it be self-esteem the mistress!

"We loved each other! We were good together! I have never had such posh sex with you!" he writes the mistress. Here it is! Return move! Of course, the same message is sent immediately to his wife. Forgive him? Well done. But know that with his mistress he was still better!

Ah, this story in the best tradition of melodrama. It is infinite. Spent fuel and liters of tears. Two women fighting for one man that he can not find refuge, because that is where it is better.

What is the moral? The lesson is that we —the people. Not lions and goats. We, the people, have a mind. The mind will tell us when the struggle ceases to be for the purpose, and goes into "I fight because I fight!" Do not ignore the arguments of reason for the sake of vanity. Otherwise all bits are left.

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