Be a victim!


In life, relationships and Affairs are common such strategy as “sacrifice”. Usually, it is not by accident, because often it can be quite profitable. Especially in relationships with family and friends. And some people even think that they are happy to “suffer” being in this role. In this case, is attentive to that word and not confuse the real sacrifice affected by something, and method to manipulate other.

Dear reader, before you read on, remember and not forget what “bad advice ” bring harm to those who use them.

And in order to manipulate the feelings and decisions of others, you should use the following steps:

to bear his misfortune like a flag!

    And even be proud of them, “My husband is an alcoholic and beat me (for 10 years)”, “in our country some bandits and it is impossible to build a business, from “will overcome”, And in Soviet times...”

to be irresponsible!

“Well, if you're paying for, so I will work accordingly”. In this case, you need to put all the blame even when it's not necessary to do. “And Medvedev said, there is no money...”

Offense for any occasion!

    Resentment in the style: “He bought me not red roses, and white, but how could he...”, “Son, you came back dirty, I'm so upset, you're not appreciated.”

to Convince them that life is all suffering!

    This is unfortunately the installation of a separate and large segments of the population, convinced that a different way. And they begin to give a million arguments why this is supposed to be suffering, and not happiness, pleasure, and amazing game play.

Be unhappy with myself!

    And again about the negative) Go to the side of powerlessness, uselessness, and non-existent fears. Believe and convince others that every situation has only a negative result. Do not believe in their strength. Think and convince others that you have no merit.

PS is Probably in this list somewhere you recognize yourself or a loved one. Ask everyone who read this:

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I Wish you to enjoy every moment of his life, becoming a happy ceased to be "victims" themselves!

Alexander Banarescu
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