Be brave my son!


When the family grew, the young man and the time came to go into the army, any father and mother admonishes her son: "Be brave my son!". Parents want to be proud of their son and that their son could be proud of. Pride and strength is a very important quality for men.

What is common and what is the difference between a coward from the Braves? It is common that they are both terrible in war and in battle. This is a normal reaction of the body to mortal danger. And what's the difference? The difference between a coward and a brave man that first avoids to look my fear right in the eye and runs away from the battlefield, as brave a soldier looks his fear in the eye and goes into battle. And when the brave is looking fear in the eye, his fear turns into courage.

Psychologists have conducted research. They interviewed soldiers and officers who passed through the "hot" points, fought, went on the attack and defended. They were asked the question: "were you scared?". And they almost always received the answer: "of Course! The war is terrible. Next there's death!" And psychologists have said "And how you managed to cope with their fear?". And the men answered them: "When I'm scared, I'm acting like a hero!". That's the secret of courage and fearlessness!

is it possible to learn to be brave or "born to crawl, can not fly"?

I say: "Yes, you can be brave!". It can be learned. In the short-term strategic therapy developed the procedure of finding the missing qualities. The idea of this method suggested by the French scientist Blaise Pascal, and was developed and perfected by Prof. Nardone.

so, to be bold must every day ask yourself this question: "how I'd spend my day if I was already brave? What I'll do when I become brave?". Ponder this question for about 10 minutes. That you will come to a head, select one thing very simple one that you can make today and take it throughout the day. And so every day. Only actions should be different. How long to do the job? Until then, until you feel that you have become bold.

Dear mom and dad. Share this simple secret with his sons and support them to gain courage.

P,S. I Congratulate the men on a holiday of the Defender of Fatherland! Today marks 100 years since the establishment of the red army - workers and peasants red Army.

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