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have you ever Thought about the future? Lately I often write about it. This, of course, is not casual.
Especially when there is a problem of choice... because It is most familiar, huh?

Opportunity may knock on the door, but if you don't answer, as you can use it? You should take advantage of opportunities when they appear. Sometimes the timing isn't right, but it doesn't matter. Opportunities happen when happen. The most important thing to remember is that no action is action itself, you make decisions and try new things, even if you understand that this does not suit you, you unlikely to regret what you tried, but more likely, you may regret never trying.

I can imagine how difficult and hard to experience fear at the crossroads of decisions.
to leave or to stay?
Quit, or continue to work? the
I Want to make the right choice, but how?
or maybe... it's clear what choice is correct, but the risk scared? So we stay in a comfortable and familiar environment, quagmire absorbing us into a boring life.

Surprisingly, many people don't even notice frustration, unable for many years to pretend that everything is fine. To hide his displeasure. Even myself.

I urge, moreover, that life needs to be changed urgently, as soon as you feel the slightest impulse to change. There are many opinions on this subject...

But it is clear that to go to unsafe space, even if the desired future is a risk. What do you think?
Straw we will not podstolem, of course, but can play safe.
If you approach the process of conscious choice, then the situation will change.
the First thing you need to do is to imagine how life turns out, in the case of a good coincidence, if you make a risky choice. Live it. Build in your mind the decor, space, or even smells.

Then, imagine what might happen the worst. The worst of it. Live is the same.
as much and maybe even more.

And now... Imagine your future...How you? What has changed in the senses?

PS Change your thinking. If you believe that you are capable, you don't understand what you really want and what is interesting - let go of those thoughts. If you think that you are too old, stupid, ugly, etc., do not take this lie for truth. It's an excuse that will make you get stuck.

Rousinova Olga
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