actually the cause of many difficulties in sexual life are not only in the psyche but also in physiology: in certain diseases or medication.

And before you explore from a psychological point of view, why not sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, or premature or delayed ejaculation, vaginismus, consult a physician for a consultation. (but it doesn't change the treatment to a psychologist, even if the disease was discovered - often the root of all difficulties in relationships with people, and it is the competence of the psychologist, not the doctor)

a little on the diseases that can lead to different sexual difficulties and drugs.

Premature ejaculation is

  • infection of the prostate (urologist)
  • disturbances in the hormonal system (endocrinologist)
  • neuro-reflex system in the pelvic (lumbar radiculitis), inflammation of the pelvic nerve plexus
  • can be affected by the alcohol in high doses
  • the syndrome paracentral lobules - person condition increased excitability of certain brain centers. This condition can be congenital or acquired in early childhood
  • Medications: antidepressants, via gra.

Delayed ejaculation:

  • genetic diseases
  • medications: neuroleptics and antidepressants, tranquilizers, drugs that lower pressure, muscle often, marijuana, large doses of alcohol and Smoking. Usually the side effects of the medication do not write, it is important to remember the sequence of what and when started
  • delay on the background of erectile problems
  • medical check-up to rule out multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, diabetes, disease of thyroid gland, disease of the prostate

Erectile dysfunction:

  • reduced potency may be a sign of impending stroke
  • obesity
  • disease Peyroni
  • hormonal disorders (decrease testosterone)
  • violation of the nervous and vascular systems at the level of the pelvis (erection is absent totally)
  • some types of depressive disorders
  • heroin alcohol
  • antidepressant (prozac and others)
  • all medications where the side effects are "may Cause drowsiness"

Lack of lubrication in women:

  • medications: antihistamines, antidepressants

Lack of sexual desire in women:

  • change of metabolism, endocrine diseases
  • depression
  • organic brain damage
  • birth control, antidepressants

Pain during sex (vaginismus):

  • to the doctor to rule out pelvic inflammatory disease (fallopievyh pipes) and most of the vulva
  • inflammation of the pelvic nerve plexus
  • features of development and structure of vlagalisha

As I wrote above, if you even have some kind of disease or you are taking pills then consult your doctor to the disease is not progressed, and the drugs. Some treatment from a doctor helps, but some people don't, because there were many complications in our psyche and in our relationships. And also these data are only relative, as a reference point. For example, in some women, the pill reduces the desire, and have other more it occurs. All very individually. It is important to remember when the trouble started, and understand the context in which you lived. Maybe it's because you drank a course of antidepressants or because you had a trauma and surgical intervention was required.

And remind yourself that even if you have a difficulty, it is a reason to start looking for new ways to get sexual pleasure and to be creative))

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Cousine Maria
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