Before you go to a psychologist


This is the article for those who would like to go or going to go to a psychologist, but faces internal resistance because of the anxiety associated with the lack of understanding of the process.

Many of us have seen in movies, heard from friends or read in books, as someone who goes to a psychologist. Now this practice has become popular and in demand in connection with increase of stress in life, instability in relationships, increased rate and workload in everyday life. Many experts, many psychological areas, many formats may offer you the market of psychological services. And from the part of view on how the advice is already there. But sometimes at the stage of meeting with a psychologist, the confusion remains and I want to tell what is happening between the client and the specialist in the first session. I will try to describe this process from the inside.

the First session for the client may be anxious and questions may arise:

- how to start a conversation?

-what will happen at the consultation?

-do not put any diagnosis?

- does the psychologist help me?

the Difficulty and pain some common ground that brings people to therapy. Further psychotherapeutic work is built for individuality and life experience of each client thanks to the attentive recognition of its history, issues and character.Therefore, the first consultation is designed to meet customer. Because each person is different with his personality. And the problem with which he is addressed is composed of many unique factors. Psychologist to gather as much information will ask questions about the client's life. All this in order to better understand how to help in a particular case.

In the first session, the client sznakomitsa with a psychologist and methods. This is an opportunity to look at and understand for yourself if this specific specialist. you Should pay attention to their own comfort. Pay attention to how much it is possible to be free in your story, manifestations and feelings. If you are ready to tackle some of the personal life, then you can refuse to answer questions. This is your consultation and decide what to say and what not at this stage. Pay attention whether You feel understood and heard.

Some experts, if the client is afraid of anything forget to mention, it is recommended to prepare (write on paper a list of the concerns of those). In my opinion – it can be done, but it is better the client to trust yourself. For the reason that he will say as much as is ready at this stage to tell this specific specialist.

a Session with a psychologist is a space which is created along. The main task of the psychologist is to make this space safe and comfortable for the client. The objective of the client is joining forces with a specialist in dealing with their difficulties and take care of myself. What the customer can do alone, does not necessarily mean that he is ready to say anything else. Even if it seems that he is ready, then excessive self-disclosure at the first meeting can be traumatic in the end. The client may feel "naked," to feel shame or intense anxiety from which further collaboration may be difficult.

in order to avoid this before you begin a deep work of psychologist helps to set a strong Foundation and footing in the relationship. So you the customer something to rely on in moments of strong emotions. Here we are talking about building trust. At the first meeting the client may well be something to trust a psychologist, and something not to trust. And that's fine. The client can voice their concerns - attention to the issue of trust can be the Foundation of the quality of psychological help.

the Main tasks of the psychologist at the initial consultation:

  1. Familiarity with the client.
  2. Psychologist creates an atmosphere of trust and establishes contact.
  3. Listens to the client and gives feedback: he says he saw by the situation and can indicate your feelings or hypothesis about the situation of the client.
  4. the client determines what they will work together. Offers strategies.
  5. Establishes the agreement: the duration and frequency of meetings, payment, what to do when you cancel a transfer and advice.
  6. Psychologist may recommend another specialist if the client addressed with a problem in his profile. Can redirect to another psychologist, at the request of the client.

the Main purpose – acquaintance and the establishment of the working Alliance to solve the problem of the client.

the First step is made - You decided to go to a psychologist. It remains unclear whether one psychological counseling, some counseling, short-term or long psychotherapy to solve the problem. To get an idea makes sense to come to one, which will be able to understand it. And to decide whether specialist, as well as its working methods.

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