Well, my friends good and true! And already looked through. Such a beautiful day, such a wonderful holiday – the birthday of the book. The book of fairy tales. Psychotherapeutic fairy tales. And in order not to lose the string of other days, I want to talk a little bit about it.

There is such a genre in psychotherapy – psychotherapy the tale. Some is used as an independent form of correctional work, and I have also often used in hypnosis. In this tale laid possible outputs of the problem. In fact it's a metaphor. If it is not small, if it reflects the overall situation of the client, only in another material (we call isomorphic situation), then it turns out the tale.

Tales loved by us since childhood. They are not Intrusive, Directive, and there is mystery and a bit of magic. They have a flight of fancy, imagination. And good stories (psychotherapy) is always Happy end. Definitely Happy end. Otherwise, why even started... Because the story gives hope and provides an outlet. And let it be. And maybe will get my hands on the second book... maybe not fairy tales or parts of tales...

Because of the tales woven into our lives. So insert the key in the keyhole and don't know what's behind the door, or a cave of Aladdin, or the entrance to the Rabbit hole. Open umbrella and fly away in your mind somewhere far, far away, where OLE Lukoie opened his fabulous umbrella over the heads of the sleeping children... Or as Mary Poppins waiting for a fair wind to fly and to travel. So allow yourself to dream! Read stories! Imagine!

at Times life poses such problems to solve that without resorting to allegory, is not possible.

a Piece of today's session with the boy – young men 16 years of age.

I: what today want to talk about?

M: About the meaning of life.

I: And what is he to you?

M: In search of the meaning (laughs)

Laughing together. Yes, that's a lifetime looking for.

Good questions, correct. When they still ask, as in their 14-20 years?

– And what do you think? – I ask.

Well, to leave something behind.

Rejoice in the depths of the soul. Here sits before me a boy, a good boy, sincere, and says the right things, in doubt, of course, looking, moving slowly. But where it is needed. And moves! Growing. And grows internally. Grows its identity. He has to make a choice, and he wants to approach it consciously, therefore he asks the right questions. Yes, and it is not me he is asking them, and yourself. His life, his future.

And then I can think of a great metaphor Exupery about cedar from the book "the Citadel"

I: I will tell why a tree grows (and the head)?

-I Want – said.

the Cedar hiding from the wind I regurgitate the metaphor in your own words. He comes into this world to be. Cedar deepens its roots into the soil and crushes even the most jagged rocks, roots making their way to the water, to nutritious juices of the earth. Cedar spreads in the Sunny rays its mighty crown, reminiscent of the temple, in the shade where the weary traveler can find shelter. In its branches nest and hatching birds, the winds are playing it leaves, like strings of a harp. The cedar gives the seed. And small seed falling into the soil, will sprout. Time after time, day after day, on the barren plain will grow the pine woods.

You can change everything. But it's important that you have not designed the cedars, but that planted the seeds. Because each tree comes into this world to be.

And all. This session usually can be completed. Because, even without formal guidance, this is hypnosis, this is the TRANS that comes by itself, as in any creative work. It only becomes active if you activitiesi the creative process.

And we do these stories. Create and enjoy the tales of others. We give in response to their. Because they convey something that can't be explained by logic because it is deeper than logic.

PS: today after the presentation, there are only 5 books for 2 weeks almost all 100 books were gone. There is an electronic version of the book for Litres, you can download and read.

Baklagina Olga
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