my office is a box of soft toys. Often they are used in working with children in play therapy, but sometimes be of use for adults. All toys are good, but the stories are different. Some take the game frequently, others occasionally, third only consider and lay to the side.

The hard - working- Behemoth. Purple, with a red belly, bulging eyes and mouth zipper. He is always on topic, always to the point, and experience therapeutic he is solid.

I decided to combine a few sketches about the use of toys in therapy. Out of respect for the Hippo and in recognition of his contributions referred to article Begemotnaya.

1. Client talks about his resentment towards a former lover. Says long, lot, beautifully, artistically, emotionally. These stories created works of art - drama, Opera, romantic ballads. But so far I'm the only listener, and my role is not very clear to me - did not manage to clarify the request. My questions are, what the client wants from therapy, she shrugs: Just listen and help me out.

to Deal with it? I listen, I listen, I begin to feel superfluous in this pair: the client and the offense. It seems that the other interlocutors feel superfluous, because the original request was about loneliness, isolation and inability to establish new relationships.

the former Shadow hovering over us, but to join her in contact does not work - the client doesn't want. Perls said that resentment is a measure of someone's worth to you, offended - so appreciate waiting for something and not receive. I agree with him, as client no. A lover is not important and not needed, but the offense lives and a burden.

And every time I talk about the offense, the client shows in front of him, under the breast, folded his hands and scoop - here it's that!

At the next show I throw in a Hippo. It is just the right size and even the color is close - a client describes his offense as a soft clot lilac purple color.

the Hippo as the embodiment of the resentment seems a little strange, but the client is pleased with, approves: yeah, that's what it is, soft, but tangible, hands busy, I'm not free. Looking at me triumphantly: now you see how I am suffering!

My suggestion is to keep the Behemoth on the sideline or talk to him no response, only stronger hands pressed against the toy body. Well - go for the client. The session ends and I suggest the client to take Hippo for a week to yourself. Wear like his offense, not to leave, to see what I want to do with this offense, and well to do. And on the left.

a week was unable to meet for a good cause, so the hippopotamus stayed with the client for two weeks. And it turned out very useful.

when he entered the office, she handed me the Hippo: Get it, can't see anymore! But to discuss spent with him two weeks agreed.

the First week was idyllic. The client, when I could, pressed the Hippo to her chest, feeling that here it is - resentment, long-standing, constant, pressure, holds, does not start! How hard, how bitter! Eternal companion, the only friend! The Behemoth stared at her pop-eyed, his mouth kept shut.

Then his constant presence were getting bored. One thing to think about the offense, to speak, to suffer. Another to keep permanently in his hands. The client is responsible, promised not to let go - not released. And household chores because no one has canceled. Have you tried to cook, wash dishes, do the cleaning, hugging her stuffed Hippo? And remembering what it means, listening to your feelings, your attitude? The first day she took a toy with him everywhere. Leaving the house, wore in the bag, but remembered that he was there.

Then he began to forget. Looking forward to session to give the Hippo, but before the son fell ill, the meeting was canceled, it was not before. After a few days remembered. Behemoth sat alone at the computer, recovering son managed to open his mouth and shove inside of candy wrappers. The offense looked pitiful and irresponsible hugged her, she didn't like, and his hands were busy with household chores. The rest of the week client hardly thinking about the offense, and seeing the Hippo, has experienced disappointment - he somehow vulgarized tragedy into a farce. The night before the session the client had a dream Carmen, with a bouquet of plastic flowers (the client in his youth, he played in the drama club, sorry that did not work continue to engage).

Smart, thin, nervous, demonstrative - the client was disappointed and admitted it. All the fun, the drama, the enigmatic, her resentment turned artificiality, farce, play. In the absence of the object of resentment by itself, the offense was just a way to attract attention, on the one hand and prevent a new relationship with another.

Thanks for the Hippo due to its weight and materiality, the client was able to experience something that talking and reasoning would come soon.

the Next stage of treatment was about the ways of establishing contact, fear of intimacy and view of themselves, but the work we've done together.

2. The client was difficult to talk, and he asked me many questions, told some unimportant, in his own words, things about yourself, talked on General topics. This was very tense and depressed. I understood that no need to hurry, it's important to create a safe space (Kharm Siemens said, "Maybe this is the first experience the client has when he's serious and honest about myself"), but this was compounded by the fact that the number of sessions we had limited client was going to move to another country. At the next session, seeing as the man pulls at the sleeve of a sweater, I offered him a replacement - and was asked to choose any object from the shelf. The client chose a Hippo.

Hippo's mouth zippered shut. It's locked up tight. The client grabbed the toy in his hands, pomilla and continued to speak. In conversation, he was constantly pulling the handle of the zipper, tugged at it.

At the beginning of the next session he found the Hippo, took up and began to talk, pulling the lock and it slightly opening and closing again. By mid session, the Behemoth periodically opened about a third of the mouth. I was in confusion to draw the client's attention to what is happening or not to jump to conclusions? Decided to wait, especially that of the contact began to slowly improve, topic to be scheduled.

And the next time the client started to speak, thus revealing the mouth of a Hippo, then abruptly stopped, paused and closed the zipper. Not to say I could not. Well, that said client happy. Admitted that all this time has been a struggle, weighing whether to tell me his terrible and shameful secret, and could not be resolved. After that, he completely undid the Hippo's mouth, took a deep breath and began to speak. Precontact was passed. Behemoth did their job and listened to wide open mouth.

3. The client at the next session started a conversation that can not be separated from mom, in my mind it is drawn, argues, its position appreciates, and wants not to remember. But didn't believe it was possible.

- why, Why I always carry one with me?! - he asked me pathetically.

I gave him the coveted purple Hippo. Here, say, your mom. Wear it, say it with me and don't part even for a moment. Everywhere take, hand keep. To bed a put, to work wear, to the store, to the gym and so on. In a week you will understand why you want her. Opens to you the Truth.

the next session of the client with the Hippo came in advance. The client said that it was a great week. Mom was always with him! He put his arms around her, pulled her close, put to sleep next.

And so he was well, mentally, quietly. Even sorry to leave. He all the morning thinking how will be to say goodbye to her, and then sad.

And then I opened the client with a Terrible Secret. It's not mom, ' I said. This is a toy Hippo. And your mother, a real, live, real, live many thousands of miles away and you last saw three years ago.

- How so! - says the client.

- can Not be! - he exclaims.

- Here it is, here, inside me! Okay, it's not a Hippo! But it is in me!

- you Have a diagnosis of schizophrenia? - ask. Do you hear voices? "No," he says.

- Maybe you're pregnant and carry the child, thinking that mummy? "No," he says.

- Well, then I guess you infiltrated the alien monsters as in the movie "Alien". Do you think that is mom and they kaaak will jump, as will enslave! "No," he says. Laughs.

At the end of the session: You surprised me. It turns out that it is I myself. It's not mom. It's a fantasy about mom. I must digest this information.

I Promised next time to reveal the secret about the shape of the Earth, hinted that the turtles actually also not.

For a description of each case was received on the consent of the client. Names and details of clients that do not have a direct relationship to the therapeutic process, changed.

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