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delirium tremens lat. Delirium tremens - alcohol withdrawal.

the people, simple languages called “delirium tremens”

Metallogeny psychosis develops in patients suffering from alcoholism 2 or 3 stages after abrupt withdrawal of alcohol during the period of cessation of alcohol on 2-5 days

while the syndrome can appear auditory, visual, tactile hallucinations, often aggressive and threatening. The patient may feel that the war started or that he is attacked by strange creatures and need to defend, to flee, and so on. But can appear harmless hallucinations, but this happens very rarely.

“delirium tremens” has 3 stages:

1.Threatening delirium the syndrome can cause the loss of orientation of the patient in a familiar place, hand tremors, increased body temperature, strong headaches, nausea.

At this stage, the person begins to seek another dose alchole to the nip. You can often hear such phrases as: “I feel bad” , “I Need a drink.”

the Evening may develop hallucinations, can cause insomnia, can begin having nightmares.

After taking alcohol the patient's condition returns to normal.

2.Acute delirium - develops very quickly, making the regular amounts of alcohol will not help to return to their normal state.

Hallucinations become very strong, growing, increasing delirium, appear Intrusive thoughts, the patient may feel that it wants to kill and he was being chase.

also Increases body temperature, the patient becomes very sensitive to external stimulus - to Seth, to sounds, etc. the violence has changed to a strong emotional arousal.

If you do not provide patient medical care, then the state passes to the next stage, which can lead to death.

3. The threat to the life – after a strong aggression appears apathy to everything, weakness, lethargy.

the patient can be noticed a decrease of all the reactions, the voice becomes quiet, appears incoherent speech, which also may be accompanied by delusions. There may be a strong tremor as “shaking” of the body, which may go into epileptic seizure.

If not to assist, in the brain appear irreversible consequences which can lead to bleeding in the brain, swelling of the brain and the person may just fall into a coma.

There is a quick diagnosis to determine the status of the ball:

If the patient scored less than 26 points, he may develop delirium tremens or dementia. Require immediate hospitalization in a psychiatric or substance abuse hospital, and the appointment of appropriate treatment.

the Further prognosis depends on the form of alcoholism, forms of delirium and also timely treatment.

many patients, even after recovery can be observed residual effects in the form of various memory disorders, and other neurological disorders. Can also develop alcoholic psychosis on a background of reception of alcohol.

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