Betrayal is one of the most powerful and painful options of experience in the relationship. It is happening in the relationship men and women, friends, relatives. The range of feelings experienced by faithful people in all situations are the same: bitterness, resentment, anger, aggression, helplessness in the end. Betrayal can greatly bring down the faith in people, the desire to build a close relationship, to trust the world around them. And often as a result of situations of betrayal WE accept not useful for a decision – to LIVE WITHOUT TRUST. Trust towards people and the world, and most importantly GOD. In fact, this repeated experience indicates to us that in us there is a shadow side which we from year to year do not want to notice that we don't want to watch, as painful it is. And only this, can be a robust experience, gives you the opportunity to pay attention to our areas of concern. What we want to say our shadow? And the fact that we are in some deep part does not believe in themselves, their abilities. That there is, childhood trauma, when we are thrown into difficult situations, were not given support, they were left alone and we could not cope with arising difficulties on their own. That we are not able to create something worthwhile, and we need the support of another person.

Betrayal is a hard violation of our borders. Moreover, when we enter into such relationships, even at the first stage, there are markers that the situation may end in failure. First, the partner in communication, how could you not hear. No, he listens to you, but can not hear and his actions are the opposite to what you say. You would communicate with "the wall". Second, they often use flattery to your address. Pleasant, lulling phrase, very calm alertness. Thirdly, your help and participation is fully appropriated as personally his "merit". Therefore, in the case of gratitude, you will never get. As a result, you completely feel like a "piece in someone else's project."

What happens on the other side, the side of traitors? Such people, believe me, is also very sweet in life. They have their own shadow side, which is "ask Rouge". Typically, these people are so traumatized, he is unable to establish and maintain close emotional contact. They use others for their own purposes, not feeling and not living a healthy relationship. Because in a healthy relationship it is important to empathize, to identify, understand how your actions may affect the status of the partner. Traitors in General such a function as emotional sensitivity is absent, i.e., the relationship with their emotions is impaired. As this option is very painful.

How to stop being attract into your life such partners and to find support in yourself? In this respect there are a lot of modern psychology that allow you to close this painful experience. One of the real working – RPT (Rapid Personal Change). This technology works with the patterns of traumatic situations, returning the integrity. After a good work out, the client does not develop the relationship of its traumatic nature, it acquires internal resources to recognize the markers, to realize what is happening and can I stop receiving this kind of experience, as it is no longer needed.

Gerasimova Olga
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