Birds of a feather... Or the whole truth about opposites, which are "attracted".


it has Long been thought to write a few lines about "opposites")))

After all, however, in our society miraculously coexist two completely opposite messages.

1. "Birds of a feather - flock together"

2. "Opposites attract"

And if in the first case, we relationship between a man and a woman, somehow not really mean.

in The second, speaking of opposites, we just did and mean often those relationships, to explain otherwise than through the "opposites attract" can't...

And now a little truth.

Attracted, however, like to like. But! Not to some external "flashy" characteristics, but on a deep inner psychic device.

And here you can start to bend fingers and to list those deep hooks-similarity, by which we find our out of a million.

And now more about what we orientirueshsya choosing.

every family has a certain level of anxiety-tension. Somewhere low, somewhere over-the-top. And there are ways with this trouble-voltage cost. Accordingly we leave the parental home have at least 2 options. Intuitively we look for someone easier than others to recreate a familiar environment. As we have learned to survive. And there is a list of ways of dealing with anxiety, learned by the example of their parents.

Accordingly, looking for my "such a busy" or the same relaxed. With it, completely intuitive. Find and then suddenly begin to realize that this man is something we both love. Downright attracted to him and next to him, like home. Learn?

If you delve a little in the above that high the high level of anxiety tend often to dysfunctional families in order to reduce its turn to alcoholism, physical abuse, deviant behavior, and other "ugly" things.

the family may not be alcoholic, but can be a brother or sister with a mental disorder, Parent - household of a psychopath. All this creates a situation of insecurity and supports the alarm.

In healthy families, the anxiety level low. No need to fear unexpected attacks, more predictability and consistency. Accordingly, family members are more relaxed, using other methods and forms of contact and exit. And translate these methods to the next generation.

This is the first and often important, determines the global choice of "that" - the level of stress relaxation and contact form.

Next in importance to the question of "How do we find her?" we're not anceterer not making a few inquiries, and it seems it's the falling in love happens by the will of heaven.

will Disappoint romantics, but we already fall in love in that which is internally identified as hydrocyanic us.

How determined?

Characteristic facial expressions, gestures, movements and voice.

We read this information as it consciously as unconsciously absorbed your basic set that will continue to influence all our choices and determine the life.

In the next article we'll talk about other options, which again proves that spouses are more similar than excellent.

Lyadova Anna
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