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the article "Psychotherapy for a healthy," I touched on the subject of detuning via title: probation new type of service called new word, for example, coaching to avoid Association with treatment.

So, I too am a sinner. Call what you do, in a somewhat unusual term. If the West hearing the word Business therapy sounds perfectly natural, and raises questions only about the specifics of the approach, on the Russian space requires explanation.

first, again therapy. We will not revisit the specifics of this word.

second, question: what treat?

In my definition of biznesmenami, treat three points:

  1. personal strategy;
  2. social network of the organization;
  3. complex business processes.

Note, not a word about treatment of the psyche. Client healthy, what's more, it successful, but like anyone, he has a strategy (habitual ways of behavior and thinking) that need improvement.

Thus, BT as a complex service consists of three equal components:

  1. Individual psychotherapy for owners and managers of the company;
  2. Group coaching and involvement of staff, preferably through "circular technique" (Julia Chemerinskaya) and "supportive studies" (David Cooperrider);
  3. Optimization of business processes: sales, marketing, production, innovation, strategic decision making, personnel management, etc.

a closer look at the first paragraph. For me, the therapy strategies of business conduct is biznesmenami in the narrow sense. It is entirely based on the first experience (see note My First Session) and represents its upgrade. My tasks within individual BT the following:

  1. describe in Details the algorithm of the unconscious by which the client gets the results: desirable and undesirable. For example, as we once turned out freaky selling; how we made a career move 10 years ago; as we lose customers; we quarrel with subordinates; how we procrastinate opportunity, etc.
  2. Identify key steps of the algorithm behind them and the mental processes that are subject to scaling (if successful) or optimize (if unsuccessful). In 70% of cases the point of growth is associated with beliefs, fears, interactome, retroflexum, fuzzy functions. In 30% of cases there is imperfect understanding of the structure of the process, including the specifics of the psycho other participants in the situation, characteristics of a business context, etc.
  3. to Work out the peculiarities. 70% of the problem is reduced to psychotherapeutic techniques. 30% - to psychological consultation and joint development of successful strategies

Thus, the hidden algorithms become apparent to the client (to acquire a clear structure) that are optimized and saved.

In Russia there are at least two more experienced professionals that use the term "Biznesmenami," and both in other respects.

One is engaged in "treatment" businesses, to psychotherapy, his work does not apply. Rather, it is fisiocritici approach to consulting, considering the organization as an organism to which the applicable diagnosis, treatment, exercises and other health frauds.

the Second deals in mysterious methods of modeling social psychology of groups, is also unrelated to the therapy, but it seems to be offering an approach to improve business structures.

the world is filled with examples of biznesmenami, but attention, not all. I will mention only two:

  • Business Therapy firm and the book Argentine named Andrea Turba, NLP master business coach (works in all three directions);
  • The Outsider''s Perspective is the firm an Englishman by the name Loay Ahmed, business coach, facilitator (working in the second and third direction).

With these figures, except for David Cooperrider, I am personally in touch, exchange experience, share ideas and approaches.

In my experience, the optimization of personal strategies leading to simultaneous growth of the business results 20 – 50%, simply by eliminating errors. But the really significant results are possible through a comprehensive optimization: the growing consciousness of the leader – developing the consciousness of the collective and the principles of its functioning. That is why a full biznesmenami is the whole complex of the mentioned areas.

Bogatsky Gleb
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