Black band for the ruble. How to become "financially independent"


a Large proportion of our people are virtually not protected from shocks in the economy, inevitably entailing a loss of the usual income level and the drop in the quality of life.

  • once again this year the ruble again fell, and the dollar grew.
  • due to an unexpected growth of prices for imported goods budget of many families begins to "fever", had to abandon the planned purchases and travel abroad more costly.

a Sign of our time financial component of life becomes extremely "fragile" and dependent on what is happening in global markets.

Ordinary people suffer due to the fact that different States are to each other never-ending trade war (even with their former allies and trading partners).

  • As a consequence, when "shaking" the economy, it immediately begins to "shake" the family budgets of our fellow citizens:
  • How to cope with this extremely unpleasant situation and to firmly stand on its feet financially.

Give some recommendations, which are based on common sense and proven by many generations of the rule of financial literacy:

1) Do you always have to be so-called "stash" is the stock of money in case of another financial disaster.

This stash is called "financial pillow".

2) Carefully keep track of your expenses.

Your expenses should not exceed income.

  • This is a basic rule of handling money.
  • When it is chronic violations you have nothing to help.

3) Save up money.

Part of their RFP, immediately after you receive it, put it in the "stash" or transfer to a separate savings account.

I Remind you that the money should be kept in a safe Bank (not the one that promises the highest interest on deposits).

4) don't get in debts and credits.

Having a debt, You become very vulnerable and dependent on their work (steady income).

  • Therefore, if the economy will again be something unpleasant, then You immediately swung "fly" to your personal "financial crisis."
  • it is Particularly difficult for those who do not have time to accumulate a significant "nest egg."

5) Plan major expenses in advance.

for Example. If you want to go on vacation, start preparing six months!

  • first, so you can book your tickets and hotel at a the best prices.
  • second, you can save each month a little money is much easier than immediately in one go to pay for the trip.

6) Invest money.

This item is missing almost everything.

Although it is a competent investment of their income will allow you to create a substantial capital (and become less dependent on their work).


1) Check whether You comply with the above rules? If your answer is "NO", then You are in the "zone of risk".

2) Much easier to advance to "podstelit straw" and get rid of financial fragility than to be dismissed and frantically looking for a new job (or reborrow the money to pay for their loans).

3) Financial illiteracy is too expensive — so get rid of it as soon as possible!


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Stuart McPhee
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