Black coffee only

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"Before you diagnose yourself depression and low self-esteem, make sure that you are surrounded by idiots," - said Sigmund Freud.

I Fully support the idea. Allow yourself to develop this argument.

Our daily environment affects us. Faceless and dull interior of your home or office, gray weather, the people, the society which we begin to feel sad or insecure, the grim news in the media, total mediocrity and the dominance of black in my wardrobe, in my experience, can significantly and adversely affect the person.

is important to say something. There are people who justify their state external reasons - to do, to be, to feel it is always something interferes. They tend to be passive, heavy on the rise, skeptics, wait for change from the outside, that the light of someone else's sun would rain down on them, warm, charge, and then happiness will come. There are those who can be the sun, cancreate their own "good". The difficulties and troubles we all have. The only question is, how to treat them and what to do with them. It is a matter of choice.

If at first you find it difficult to choose your mood, status, I propose to start with choosing your environment - what you watch, what you listen to with whom to communicate, what to wear, etc.

I want to infect you with interest to the study itself, and the ability to discover your own hidden shares. Read and agree - this is not enough. We need some action! Offer you a simple and effective experiment.

Imagine you walk up to the cupboard, took out all his clothes black, all, gently and with love (because we love her very much, right?) fold hide away and at least one or two weeks do not get.

...And now in your wardrobe there is something. (Genuinely happy for those who have a lot!!) There is something left, right? I would venture to suggest that it seems to be so much color and light you allow in your life. How do you like this observation?

I Have a proposal for you – wear colored clothes, and even better, light – bright, vibrant or pastel shades - a minimum of two weeks. Yes, you will be visible, probably will attract more attention of interest (in our usual dullness). There is every chance that a good and bright will occur in your life anymore. The thinking is capable of change, attitude and sense of self other, develops imagination. Remember appearance creative mind. What is another example? Small children we hardly think to wear black or paint it the nursery. Why? We try to do for them the world is attractive for the study are positive.

I really love the black color it looks good on me. While my personal experiment led me to believe that I have a few months not wearing black, found other in tune with my colors that charge, which is very comfortable. You can always get the black in your wardrobe. To return, but not to build an entire wardrobe on black. Offer you to let in more light and color in my Outlook.

Look at the objects, figuratively speaking, what colors you are surrounded by. In my experiment instead of the change in the wardrobe can the same be done with the music you listen to/ movies and programs that see/ food to eat every day/ with your usual route/ s interior, where you work and where you live/ and of course it works and in the selection of the circle.Create space. Become an experimentalist at least a couple of weeks paisleyite yourself, you may like it and bring more than you expect.

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