1. Legend.

According to an ancient legend Adam's first wife was not eve, but some other lady named Lilith. The fact is that in the Bible the first time a woman was mentioned in the first Chapter of Genesis in verse 27, which in one translation reads: "And God created Man in His own image (or in the image of God He created him) male and female He created them." The translation of the name Lilith fell. Moreover, according to drevneevreyskom approaches to marriage, a woman can not be equal to man, i.e. the statement in this verse that God created man male and female implies their equality, i.e. close to the concept of two equal halves of a single whole.

the next time a woman is mentioned in Chapter 2 (verse 22): "And the Lord God rib taken from Adam into a woman and brought her unto the man" (in my head spun phrase: "the Woman – she's human too"!), and then (verse 23): "And Adam said, this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man". As the saying goes: feel the difference. One thing a woman is created simultaneously with man as his equal, but quite another when the woman is created from Adam's rib! Where's Adam, where's his bone! And then the circumstances this procedure is called, to put it mildly, a lot of questions. I mentioned that God created human female and male, and then there is this story about the creation of the wife of Adam? Why would Almighty God, who created everything with one breath, right-the same "human being" secretly to create Adam's wife? Let me remind you, as it was, Chapter 2 verse 21: "And the Lord God a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place". This is a kind of surgical operation with elements of anesthesia is obtained, followed by withdrawal of a rather trivial part of the body; you know, taking a rib injury to anyone person can't deliver, except only a few will be offended and will disproportionate, (parallel to the left edge). Adam, actually, was perfect man and, probably, with a perfect body, and here he somehow "tainted" becomes. And wife status immediately bowed down to ribs, what really is the equality!?

by the Way, the name, the wife takes after the expulsion of her and Adam from Eden after the unfortunate incident with the Serpent Tempter, Chapter 3 verse 20: "And Adam called his wife's name eve (life) because she was the mother of all living". Already progress: before the exile, when "home" was not a problem, and sex, too – was simply "wife", "second edge" of uncertain purpose (well, if only to "not get bored", imagine what crap was in Heaven). And when the Father in heaven, those two were expelled, of course, to Adam with whom to communicate only with his wife, from which it was made (so tempted to say "clone with a sex change"). I apologize the readers for such a sarcastic exposition of the sacred Scriptures, but the inequality of women and men think later trick with a clear purpose: to define woman's role, place, and origin. However, we can assume that God it could be its reasons. But back to the legend of Lilith.

so, Lilith was Adam's first wife. Lilith insisted on her equality with Adam in everything, including the marriage bed!!! But Adam refused to share her power, and Lilith escaped. (And we're talking a movement for equality between men and women began in the 20th century, the pipes! Now at least we know the name of the first feminists!) God, of course, with this license, the first woman could not agree, so he sent her three angels to persuade her to come back. If she refuses to return to Adam – the Lord commanded to turn it into a sea of vapor. (By the way, the revolt began long before the expulsion of Adam and eve, and, again, the rebellion raised a woman). When the angels caught up with Lilith, she refused to return, preferring to turn to steam, rather than become dependent. God carried out his threat, and Lilith turned into a Ghost that lives to this day. But that's not all.

old Testament God, Yahweh, was extremely cruel what he just did to disobedient mankind, but it is then, and according to the legend of Lilith, the first he got from it to her, "the anger of the Lord spread to all her offspring, decreasing at the command of God every day 100 children." Here's a share has fallen to Lilith, or rather she chose this fate: to be independent from her husband, to be alone with children, and immerse yourself in the secret mugenhentaistages.html and start to retaliate. Remember this, and continue.

"Wanting to take revenge on the posterity of Adam and eve, Lilith that the Jewish legends describe as a demon with a woman's face, long hair and black wings, interferes with earthly women to give away and seduces their husbands, getting into their dreams, but also brings damage to the babies and tormenting them." I draw your attention that this is only a legend, but through it emerges an image that does not seem alien to our time.

Note that myths are not ossified folklore, but something more mutable and alive. So there were a lot of different versions of the legend of Lilith, we will mention only those that will help us in our study of some aspects of female psychology. There is a legend that Adam after the expulsion from Eden, after all, joined the Lilith in an intimate relationship, then the whole world was flooded with children from this lay – by demons. Medieval Kabbalists went further, they made Lilith the wife of Samael (i.e. Satan), Lord of the Other Side. "In this Wonderland, where Satan plays the role of God, Lilith becomes a reflection of the feminine aspect of God, the Shekinah", i.e., its opposite. Last but not least, according to legend, the inhabitants of the Valley of Sodom, were the surviving children of Adam and Lilith. They did not worship God but worshipped her as the great Mother.

"the Legend of Lilith has left a trace and in astrology, where there is a fictitious planet of Lilith, another of its name – the Black Moon. It is of paramount importance in everyoneís life, noting the point of the Zodiac where there is destiny, pointing to doom". Planet Lilith – the black secret of losing.

there was Lilith really is or not is completely equivalent to whether eve and Adam. It is important for us that legends and myths, including Bible stories, reflect the underlying processes in the mind of those people who created, passed, has changed them. Analytical psychology insists that through them we may come in contact with universal common to all mankind images, invisibly determining the development of the collective consciousness and unconscious, affect the psyche of every individual regardless of whether he lived in the days of the old Testament, or belonged to the Inca civilization, or he lives here and now. Simply a manifestation of the universals, of which K. G. Yung called the ARCHETYPES, quite diverse and varied and not easy to perceive. For the psychologist the legend of Lilith no less important than repeatedly subjected to "censorship" of the Bible because it was forgotten first wife of Adam did not just appear, and as a mental image, as we will see later, continues to dwell in the unconscious. Sometimes she comes out, and the woman can fall under its power.

Intent on Lilith being equal to Adam, so God turned to steam. The people said: "the chicken is cut, if the rooster crows". If a woman tried to resist Patriarchal world order, it was stoned. Lucky Mary Magdalene – she was lucky to meet Jesus, who defended it. History of European civilization shows the terrible truth about the thousands of women burned at the stake for ridiculous accusations of witchcraft or of having ties with Satan over them, anyway, hung the shadow of Lilith. Today in some backward countries still apply severe punishments against women who violate the customs of Patriarchal religions and Patriarchal despotism. There is no point to push the shadow side of men and women trying to understand one of them is more evil and destruction, adding fuel to the fire of the eternal war of the sexes. However, not much has changed since the days of the old Testament in the unconscious of men and women.

the First signal to Lilith that she might enter the house, is habit to belittle the role of men, father. Overbearing mother who allows himself to derogatory remarks about her husband, or men in General, gives his daughter clearly installation of what are men and how she ought to treat them. Father and in what form it appears in the psyche of girls, forms an image of her inner man, which we call the Animus (inner male). Mater matriarchy lead male role of a drone, can make the girl hostage by Lilith, which is the dark aspect of the great mother. Here, I refer readers to the movie "the Wicker man", in which hero Nicholas cage gets on the island, ruled by a matriarchy of dark worship of the Mother Nature.

But a fierce Patriarchy in the family also invites you in the house of Lilith, because the girl may have a child to be hatred and fear of the overwhelming and overbearing father. In consequence of the idea of marriage will bring her quiet horror. Or she will join the ranks of active feminists, who in every man can see the oppressor and rapist. However, figuratively speaking, Lilith entered the house, but the force does not yet have. She is waiting in the wings, when due to life circumstances or wounds to the woman men's world, she will be able to show themselves.

(to be continued)

Moscow, February 2011.

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