Bless the woman.

* * *
Bless the woman when she you soft knitted.
When you forget for a moment himself, pushing the blanket completely,
Suddenly realized you happiness in the morning waiting for, as solar blanket.
And you minute, thinking about it, I heard a the sounds of symphonies.
But play the notes, hearts, knocks, not for a moment would lessen flour,
Men's heart, commanded to suffer ...And so languidly , desire to chase,
No strength...And the hour alone does not pass, the thought of your soul Kolobrodov.
You are so filled with dream like copper Sun, blood starts.
As steel frothing at the mountain of iron with carbon is haunting.
Yes, the power of one! It was not able, a simple desire to overcome.

Bless the woman now...a you see battle
As of the flesh with the spirit. Desire you multiply unvarnished,
In one word: "I Love you!!!" Bless the woman, the wives,
What sleep quietly on your chest. You , bell...Marvelous...
Words?! No, the sounds in the play...Savannah, exhaustive and large
In the triad merging clearly, you thought the arrow...And a short groan,
Whispering flies - to announce: "Beloved, bless!"

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