There are people nearby quietly. As always. As usual.
And there are people close to you when you Wake up from "hibernation". They could not help "Wake" you and you come in contact with his pain, his fear, his painful cockroaches, with their feelings. They would like to initiate this contact with yourself. Not always just with them. But drawn to them. With them want to talk. They want to hear. They are like the Golden key from a magic door behind which happiness. Our happiness.

And those with which this magic happens, we don't care about. They can be nice and calm. But the meeting itself doesn't happen. We don't gain new experiences and remain emotionally distant in the first place from ourselves.

you Can be married for decades, and feel like you're in a neighboring galaxy. Your tears, your feelings are inaccessible to the person with whom you share a roof and bed. He does not see, does not notice. If he does, then trying to get away from them.
you Can be friends with a person but never tell him about what is really going on in your soul.
they can be quiet. As calmly as in a protective suit. So you can't feel alive.

And there are people after the meeting with whom you clearly understand that things will never be the same. Not be the same because I have had the wonderful experience of interacting with yourself in the present!

Last fall, I visited a fabulous trip, organized Retro FM "Home to al Bano"! At the gala concert, we, the participants of this trip has sung the Maestro himself. He was so close! He sang so soulful and beautiful that I ... cried. Everything was wonderful at this moment, but the tears I could not order and they flowed down my cheeks like a waterfall.

Beside me at the table sat a member of our team. He saw my tears, he was upset. And began to wipe them, saying, "Well don't cry"... to be honest, I was stunned. It was so unusual! From me, a stranger, not friend, not loved one men not girlfriend to feel sympathy! It was an amazing experience. So much that he changed my life. I figured out how I want it to be in my close relationships. Not only with mucinous, and are generally in loved ones!

a Couple of months ago, I was sitting in a café with his countrywoman, who came to Petersburg for a few days. It's been a couple of times and it was a superficial conversation. She's my colleague. But here at the coffee shop, we talked to her and I had a feeling that I know her for many, many years. I was comfortable. I could be myself. I knew that can be understood and adopted, so far as at all possible! I told her about what you couldn't share even with a friend. It was a wonderful experience! I realized what kind of friendship I want and what a relationship.

once I met a man on the street, of those with whom did not happen. It was a random meeting. But she changed me! After her, I know how I want to me respond my man. I realized that the want in his eyes reflected the feeling. That it was not indifferent surprise: "Ahh, it's you...", and that it was - "It's you!" Feel the difference? So I then felt.

The "opening" our people are different. We're not on the road. With someone we will continue to communicate. In love with all your heart, and someone will want to forget completely.
But to their credit. They have changed us. They allowed us to meet with ourselves, real.

Bless such people!

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Your therapist Olga Fedoseeva

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