How wide is our world, and at the same time narrow. How nice to be in it, and how often you want to leave it.

many times I wondered, why come to me people. What am I to them? What they want, and what you can get. And here's the answer: they come for the extension of his world. They want to take the blinders off they can see one road. And I want to see much more. In this case I'm talking about the shore, as about the limitations, the narrowness of vision of the outputs from different situations.

That memory came a few client stories that will help, I hope many understand that the options life many, many. They just need help to see it.

I called the woman and told her to put her mom. In came the woman, and immediately began to cry. Talked about the fact that not so long ago buried the dog he loved more than life. I can understand this love. It is familiar to me. I just love their animals. She failed to impress me and the fact that the proper funeral dog, and goes to care for the grave. Said has lost a true friend, that her life stopped. Requested not to laugh and not understand. I understand. Her daughter long married and lives far away. Husband she had buried. And the dog left. And with it experienced all the hardships. And now, when the last close is gone to another world, she was completely crushed. Though she was quite Frank that she could not say. Went around and around. And constantly looked at me with a question. And suddenly fell out of me: again You need to get a dog. Her tears in times gone. She only asked: can I do this? And will not betray me, Bonnie? You know, I I said that Bonnie can't hurt her for anything. Because the woman was she a good homemaker, loved her, well it looked after, and even now, when there's no dog, she continues to think of her. After my words it became easier. She began to smile and admitted that she wanted a dog, but did not dare to turn her on. And after my words it is as if she got permission and now again able to have someone that will be waiting for her and being with her in the evening.

Another one of my client complained that her life became unbearable after her husband suffered a stroke and could no longer walk. She perfectly took care of him all the free time spent with him, but felt like I couldn't breathe from exhaustion and monotony. She pitied him, and she wanted that someone took pity on her. But no one paid any attention to her work wear. She wanted to relax, to gain strength and again to properly perform their duties. But she was afraid to even think about it. However, when I said that she needs rest, and so she tries very hard, she suddenly smiled. You know, the kind of smile that expressed the joy of the heard option. For some time we discussed the options for its guests, said it washed out loud. It turned out she never asked for help. Just have not been taught. And she didn't know that you can escape from the family circumstances. And in General, rest is a must. These thoughts gave strength to go forward. She felt the lightness of what he was talking about me.

I Want to remind myself and also tell You another amazing story. This story is about a single mom, that random girl was born with some congenital deformities. The curvature of the face at birth, the absence of ears. It even was not surprised that immediately after the husband saw his daughter, he disappeared. just took the suitcase and disappeared. Although, after she found his note, which said that he doesn't want to raise a freak. Woman for many years was ashamed of herself and her daughter. And the daughter grew up, and only did that consoled the mother, saying, mother, do not worry you so, I'm not beautiful but maybe I will try and achieve something. A woman approached me when her daughter was 8 years old. The girl excelled in school, but my mother believed that no girls , no she has no future. With men she did not add, as she was called in school. We talked for a long time. The woman cried a lot and said that if it were not so ugly daughter, her life could have been better. After I said that no one can know, would it better or not, the woman said, and how she could have been? I said, just differently. She looked at me and said suddenly that it was released. Because all her life she thought was lost something better. And of my words she understood that there is no better or worse. There is a different.

One woman buried her husband. All his life he was drinking, often beat her up. And now he's gone. She regrets that there was one that I will never be able to call myself a married woman. But there's more. And this is what she says: all my life I hated him and was afraid. I'm only 40. And I want to dress, like to flirt. before, I could not afford it. But I've always wanted. She said that if not for 40 days, which she is forced to wear black, she would now leave town, and live as long wanted. We talked about her inhibitions, the guilt, the fears. And here she said, surprised: I had no idea what to feel what I feel. To live as you want.

How often our understanding of the world narrowed so it does not allow us to enjoy life. Often we see only a few options out of the current circumstances, when in fact a lot of them. Yes, in the way of these roads is often fear, shame, guilt, and having only lived them, understanding their message, you can go to others in a new way that brought freedom and liberation from all obsolete, old.

Kulbitsky Catherine
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