Blue bird dreams


Blue bird

When life events happen, we tend to shift the responsibility and get strange results, upset and so on.

When you begin to consciously choose thoughts and surroundings, I try not to associate with those who suppress you, who are you not to develop the who limits, and see how wonderful the world is changing around you.

Costs a bit more and take a closer look at the situation. Situations and people are mirrors, they often teach us something that we need to change in yourself and others.

In this article I want to share the experience with reality and the wrong choices we make, often blaming the world around you, instead look at themselves and make more correct.

in the Fall, I find myself in an environment that seemed to me not resource heavy and inert from that environment that I met in that period of time. I then tried to get rid of unpleasant experiences and I have created a disease at the level of psychosomatics, resisting and not accepting the world around. Then I realized one simple thing: "the World is never static, it can not always just to please you, there are other face and face, and our task is to accept everything without resistance" Life brings us both the " +" and "-" and all this coming.

At the time I was looking for salvation, release and bought "ticket to freedom", the course of webinars, which really did not come to me and I asked questions infopoll of the earth: "whether I bought a ticket to freedom?" the Answers I received in that period, was sent by different people from blogs and contained hints that everything must be in time and always on time.

So one day I opened the blog Anastasia Polishchuk @anastasia_polishchuk18 and read the sentence: "If you don't have time to run into is printed on your ticket do not worry. Maybe soon you will be offered powerful wings of the blue bird".

I mentally thanked Anastasia for giving me the information, as it contained a hidden message for me personally and it was also part of the plan of the Universe. Then I went to the app "Book Oracle" from the publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber and asked the Oracle, in response, I opened the book, "Always on time" and the words: "If you do something, something happens if you do nothing – nothing happens." And I began to actively develop your project to the online edition of the journal, in which all participants will learn to create their projects, blogs, arrange layouts, and at the output will be the electronic layout of the publication.

I really wish more people were taught to Express their thoughts and to translate them into words, because right now totally reigns illiteracy and low level of culture of information transmission. My school of journalism has worked for a long time on various sites and only now became formalized into a single online the idea.

At the same time people are trying to blog in the social. networks, but did not expect to be copywriters or editors, you can simply study for themselves and their projects so that they become more attractive.

social networking also needs to be adjusted and the use of marketing tools, which also available only to professionals, the rest of the audience, as they may be called, few understand the mechanism of why one read and the other is not and the mechanism is smart strips to Instagram for many it is just something abstract and not clear.

Thus originated the idea of virtual edition that can be created on the platform of my website and in an online format learn to write and create their own blogs, to make thoughts and undergo mutual voting, trained under the guidance of curators, creating their own bright pages and layouts. Here is the project:

And just as I started the development of the project, analyzed all kinds of services in this niche of education blogging, developed a plan, the idea and its implementation, as I catches the eye of the game "Your start" from the community "the Alliance free enterprise" , the activity which extends the boundaries are just fantastic and I began to actively participate in the game. Every day to perform tasks that are more and more inspired me to make the changes to improve the site his ideas to work in editors of modern tools and parallel went to a seminar in which I was asked to do Slavic charm BLUE BIRD, I made your blue crane and it was a symbol that I will get in my car and I was offered the powerful wings of the blue bird.

And after a while I get to the top ten winners and vote today and tomorrow to determine the finalists who scored more votes in the virtual voting:

since forming reality when you do something that is open to you, and not running where it's not your body. And all this is the most appropriate and correct. And if this project is really necessary and important, it will manifest in space and the reality of our life.

If you want to support the project, take part in the vote)))

Anna Timoshkina
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