Creativity is of course great. But what can I do with it, what good is he? Just remember the cartoon "Prostokvashino": "what is this cat good for?"

Often people do not quite understand what creativity and creativity open up a new dimension. It's like a catalyst, which, if you add in a chemical process (and in fact, not only in the chemical), enhances the process several times!

Therefore, my personal view on creativity is this: the value of creativity as a phenomenon is determined by its applied value. That is, what benefit can we draw from creativity (or harm, which is also possible), if I add it in different areas of our lives.

there is a little trick. Those who are familiar with the theory of optimal experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of flow, probably know that if you entirely concentrate on the application aspect, that is, the benefits, the phenomenon of spontaneity stops to show themselves. This is very important!

And of course, one of the main spheres of life is making money – business, entrepreneurship.

interestingly, competition in business is not getting smaller. And its share in the market to occupy is becoming increasingly difficult. And I thought earlier. In fact, the situation in which we find ourselves, is very hard, almost 90 percent is determined by how we see and perceive the situation.

I didn't believe in coaching. I was thinking along the following lines: "Well, how do you here uncle opens some kind of secret I could not think of earlier and flooded..."

Our success is like a recipe. To prepare it is necessary to go through several stages. And these stages can be up to several dozen. Each separate stage is not for you it seems to be no difficulty, but if you "suck" at least one stage, the final dish will not work.

Therefore, coaching extremely practical and effective! It shows you what you need to "pull" right now to go to the next level.

I wrote "practical". So, what you've learned – it should be applied.

When I was looking for my niche, working as a freelancer, I didn't know more about the model of "blue oceans".The essence of the model "blue oceans" is as follows. There are "red oceans" are the "blue oceans". In "red oceans" the competition is very high, and the sea became red from the spilled water shelter. And the "blue oceans" of competition on the order of less than or at the moment does not exist.

However, it is the ocean, that is, your product is in demand, if you enter this market.

This concept is presented in the book, Kim Chan and Renee Mauborgne, "blue oceans Strategy".

And as examples of blue oceans submitted by:
is the Ford company, which at some point could feel the market needs and create a people's car (Model T Ford 1098). And thus to capture the market.
— the company Canon, has made copying equipment available to the public;
— iTunes legalize the downloading of music content and provide the ability to download one track, instead of downloading the album in its entirety.

Companies that successfully realize the blue ocean strategy can bring many more.

the Main strategy is technology innovation value! Innovation and value in this strategy are inseparable from each other. If you strive for innovation, it does not give any breakthrough, as it leads only to inefficient race for technology. And the consumer remains in the background. On the other hand, without innovation there is no possibility to make the product different from the products of competitors, providing it with beneficial advantages.

Thus, we return to the discussion of the applied value of creativity, and in this article, innovation.

clever use of creativity allows you to escape the space blue oceans where competition is low and the consumer is willing to pay for the satisfaction of their needs!

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