Bluebeard and the Oedipus complex.


Consider what brings us understanding the heroes of the tale "Bluebeard".

For Baron strange and alien communications, where there is acceptance and love. His soul is under lock and key. He is unable to feel someone else's sincerity. He can't be open even to himself, since opening, he will immediately feel a huge avalanche of pain. The pain which is hidden in a secret room behind seven seals. This is the room that is carefully guarded by the Baron in his castle in a fairy tale about Bluebeard. Carefully guarding her secret, he longs to at least someone had dared to violate his own prohibition, to enter this room and see its contents and even shuddering, to stand, not collapse. For this, he gives the keys of each to your wife from all the rooms. He wants to be open. He wants her to violate his prohibition. Issued keys is a test of the ability of another female, to see, to accept the horror of his inner world.

All the things that he hides from the outside world, but always carries within himself, causing others chilling terror of Death. He can feel truly alive. Part of the soul is not dead, it's hidden deep down securely-securely. He feels it as opening another of his soul is tantamount to death. Opening for him is Death. What happens in the tale of Bluebeard. Each time giving the keys to, his wife could not stand what he saw and he killed them for weakness. Last wife to bear the terror of death with which she was faced, and called on the help of brothers. It brothers dealt with the fallout of her fear of Death. In the game of "who-whom" there are no winners. Killing wives one after the other, Bluebeard lives within myself with the secret room, carrying a reminder of death.

after Killing her husband with the help of the brothers, his wife was left a widow with the sediment in the soul associated with horror from representations with whom she lived actually. She did not have the strength of love to sustain and transform what has been seen. In the fairy tale "beauty and the Beast" Belle is already possible. Even violating a condition associated with the time of return to the Monster, she manages to restore the relationship of trust that began to explode. She was able to demonstrate that even in this terrible identification with the monster, it is dear to her. She has demonstrated that she sees him deeper than something superficial – a demonstrative corresponding to the monster behavior. It withstands the lesson that leads to transforming not only the Monster into a Prince, but it from a simple peasant to wife and aristocrat. The wife of Blue Beard will remain what it was, only now with the sad experience of married life. Killing Blue Beard, she could not pass the transformation. If you speak the language of topology of C. G. Jung, both fabulous heroine, faced with the Shadow of his and his chosen, by the level in different ways reacted to the interaction with a terrifying Animus. One destroyed it out of fear for his own life, and the other recognized him right to be so, as he stood before her and this changed it.

Considered the image of Bluebeard plays the role of the projection of the parental figure. It establishes Prohibitions. It is the function of the Father. Violating his Ban, but recognizing him the right to be, the girl becomes free from the Father in that quality that it becomes separate from that of the Father. She takes responsibility for her life. Thus, it is the Oedipus complex, giving place to the Father in its internal space, (as Animus) and the right to establish object relations. Prohibition of the father, manifested and unresolved in life can be quite different, but most likely it will show up in the ban on self-realization in the direction in socialnoy of a woman's life in which she most can exercise their potential. A Ban on the ability to see potential. To assess its scale, terrified and... do something with it.

an informed decision to go where directed curiosity and hence the Desire – to do this step with a willingness to take responsibility for this step. This acceptance of their own choice, even under pain of self-destruction, the destruction of normal life or even taking the price action with their lives. Ie it is to step into the fear of Death, looking her in the eye. This is the overcoming of the Oedipus Complex

Irina Vladimirovna
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