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In the book "the Art of love", the author examines the aspects of love between parents and children and different than the maternal, unconditional love from conditional fatherly love.

What is brotherly love?
Maternal and erotic love? Love to yourself?
the Love of God? This Chapter was the most difficult to understand. Not because the love of God is so hard to understand, but because the head was filled with various religious and philosophical terms that I had to reread several times to understand the meaning that the author want to say.
Erich Fromm distinguishes basic elements common to all forms of love such as caring, responsibility, respect and understanding.

"Mature Love is a Union which maintains the integrity of the individual and individuals"
"the Paradox of love is that two become one while remaining two"

the author Also mentions about the active nature of love: "to Love is primarily to give, not to take" I liked the idea that giving means in the highest degree to prove their effectiveness.

Erich Fromm acutely raises the question of what in modern Western society, love is degraded. He describes very well the tragedy of this process, his thoughts sobering and make you think that you have love? What are you willing to do?

"to Love one's own flesh and blood - not an achievement helpless loves his master because it depends on his life, the child loves their parents because it needs them only in love to those who do not serve a purpose begins to unfold True love" -the author writes. About a form of love I still can only guess.

I never Before thought about the fact that loving families for granted, but to love strangers like this?

of Course, liked the head "the Practice of love".
the Ability to love is a personal experience that each can gain only by myself and only for myself.

Love is the only reasonable satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence, every being which in any way hinders the development of love must sooner or later perish... ⠀

of Course  worth a read, reread, ask yourself questions, to deepen and to practice!

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