Carroll Poke Runyon / Кэрролл Поук Раньон - The Book of Solomon's Magick / Книга Соломоновой Магии [1996, PDF, ENG]

The Book of Solomon's Magick / Книга Соломоновой Магии

The Book of Solomons Magick Год: 1996
Автор: Carroll Poke Runyon / Кэрролл Поук Раньон
Жанр: оккультизм

Издательство: Church of the Hermetic Science Inc
ISBN: 978-0965488112
Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF
Качество: Распознанный текст без ошибок (OCR)
Количество страниц: 243

. . . What makes this (book) remarkable is that the theoretical part (the first half) is easy to read and understand (more or less), due partly to Runyons mastery of his topic and partly to his folksy, down-home style. . . He takes a hugely complex subject and actually makes it interesting and comprehensible. The second half goes on to outline the rituals and describe in detail the 72 spirits of Solomon and illustrate their sigils. . . -- Ed Buryn, author-artist : The William Blake TarotIt is rare that we see such an explicit, and well-written guidebook for a subject matter thats been secret for thousands of years. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the supernatural. I give it my highest recommendation. -- Geoffrey James, author: Angel Magic and The Enochian Magick of Doctor John DeeThe Book of Solomons Magick commences with a personal narrative by Runyon of his involvement in magick, including an initiatory near-death experience . . . The bulk of the book, however, is the clearest exposition I have ever seen of the modern meaning of ritual magick, the complex system of spirits invoked, and the practical set-up of a magickal temple. . . -- Robert S. Ellwood, Univ. of S. Calif.This book presents unique and effective practical methods for invoking angels into a crystal ball and evoking spirits to visible appearance in a dark mirror. It is the companion book to The Magick of Solomon video produced by the same author. The techniques taught in this system are hypnotic and subjective. No special psychic talents are required to master this system. The author guides the reader step-by-step to proficiency in the ancient art of Magick.Книга легендарного мастера эвокации, вновь открывшего секрет вызова духов в видимую форму, который был утерян еще в Средневековье.


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Обложка книги The Book of Solomon's Magick / Книга Соломоновой Магии Опубликовано: 1996
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