Christopher S. Hyatt, S. Jason Black / Кристофер С. Хайатт, С. Джейсон Блэк - Tantra Without Tears / Тантра без слез [1999, PDF, ENG]

Tantra Without Tears / Тантра без слез

Tantra Without Tears Год выпуска: 1999
Автор: Christopher S. Hyatt, S. Jason Black
Жанр: тантра, психология, физиология

Издательство: New Falcon Publications
ISBN: 1-56184 -060-2

Формат: PDF
Качество: OCR
Количество страниц: 160

Its about time! A book on Tantra without the usual mumbo-jumbo. Outstanding! -- Carolyn Parker, Ph.D.Written by experienced Tantra practitioners. Recommended! -- Baelder Pan-European JournalFor the Western mind, this is the only Book on Tantra you will ever need. A bold statement? Perhaps. However, the idea behind this book is simple: It is power. It is Kundalini, dressed in Western clothes. It describes experiences and techniques which allow you to glimpse beyond ordinary day-to-day reality, into a world of marvels---and horrors.This new volume of tantric instructions removes much of what is obscure and moralistic in tantra, and reveals it to be an ancient cross-cultural system of self-development. It examines in detail the marriage of magick and yoga, as well as the discipline of focusing all aspects of ones life on the goals of the tantric system. Tantra without Tears is an excellent introduction for those who wish to undertake practical work in the Hindu and Tibetan tantric traditions.Первая в своем роде книга, где тантра описана в рамках западной мысли. Подобно известной книге Кроули Магия Без Слез - в форме вопросов и ответов.


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