Daniel M. Ingram / Дэниэл М. Ингрэм - Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book / Овладение Сущностными Учениями Будды: Необычайно Хардкорная Книга Дхармы [2018, ePub, ENG]

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book / Овладение Сущностными Учениями Будды: Необычайно Хардкорная Книга Дхармы

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book Год: 2018
Автор: Daniel M. Ingram / Дэниэл М. Ингрэм
Жанр: практический буддизм, медитация

Издательство: Aeon Books (Second Edition Revised and Expanded)
ISBN: 978-1-91159-710-0
Язык: Английский

Формат: epub
Качество: eBook
Количество страниц: 596

* Author posits that enlightenment is an attainable goal
* Argues that meditation is a method for examining realityThe very idea that the teachings of meditation can be mastered will arouse controversy within Buddhist circles. Even so, Ingram insists that enlightenment is an attainable goal, once our fanciful notions of it are stripped away, and we have learned to use meditation as a method for examining reality rather than an opportunity to wallow in “self-absorbed mindnoise”.Ingram sets out concisely the difference between concentration-based and insight (vipassana) meditation; he provides example practices; and most importantly he presents detailed maps of the states of mind we are likely to encounter, and the stages we must negotiate as we move through clearly-defined cycles of insight. It’s easy to feel overawed, at first, by Ingram’s assurance and ease in the higher levels of consciousness, but consistently he writes as a down-to-earth and compassionate guide—to the practitioner willing to commit themselves this is a glittering gift of a book.Daniel M. Ingram began entering into classical meditation territory as a teenager quite by accident and without knowing it crossed into territory that he would later call various names, including The Dark Night and the Knowledges of Suffering. He had no idea what had happened, but somehow knew that he had to find something. After being inspired by a good friend who got to the first stage of enlightenment after a retreat in centers in the Buddhist tradition, he began going on intensive insight meditation retreats in the US, India and Malaysia. By simply following the instructions he achieved the expected results, and has since become part of the global movement of meditation reform, a movement that seeks to preserve core meditation technology and supports, integrate helpful aspects from across traditions, refine the techniques and maps through exploration and verification, and spread the message that it can be done. It is also a movement to strip away the aspects of dogma, ritual,rigid hierarchy, myth and falsehood that hinder high-level practice and keep the culture of meditation mired in unhelpful taboos and misplaced effort. Dr. Ingram also has an MD, a Masters degree in Public Health, and a bachelors degree in English literature. He practices in the U.S. as a board-certified emergency medicine physician. He hopes that those on the path will practice well, aim high and become accomplished practitioners who will help to train others to do the same.Необычайно техничная, честная и прагматичная книга. Для тех, кто всерьез намерен овладеть сутью учений Будды и приложить к этому необходимые усилия. А также для тех, кто устал расшифровывать древние и современные книги дхармы... Современная классика.

CONTENTS Preface to the Second Edition
Foreword and Warning
Part I: The Fundamentals
2.Morality, The First and Last Training
3.Concentration, The Second Training
4.Wisdom, The Third Training
5.The Three Characteristics
6.The Five Spiritual Faculties
Faith and Wisdom
Energy and Concentration
7.The Seven Factors of Awakening
8.The Three Trainings Revisited
The Play
9.The Four Noble Truths
Truth Number One: There Is Suffering
Truth Number Two: There Is the Cause of Suffering
Truth Number Three: There Is the End of Suffering
Truth Number Four: The Noble Eightfold Path
10.Objects for Insight Practices
When, Where, and For How Long?
11.On Teachers
12.Daily Life and Retreats
13.A Few Odds and Ends About Retreats
14.Post-Retreat Advice
Part II: Light and Shadows
17.Introduction to Parts Two through Five
18.Buddhism versus the Buddha
19.Content and Ultimate Reality
20.What Went Wrong?
21.A Clear Goal
22.Harnessing the Energy of the Defilements
23.Right Thought and the Augean Stables
24.From Content to Insight
Part III: The Shamatha Jhanas
25.Introduction to Part Three
26.The Wide World of Jhana
The First Jhana
The Second Jhana
The Third Jhana
The Fourth Jhana
27.The Concentration States (Shamatha Jhanas)
The First Shamatha Jhana
The Second Shamatha Jhana
The Third Shamatha Jhana
The Fourth Shamatha Jhana
28.The Formless Realms
The Fifth Jhana, Boundless Space
The Sixth Jhana, Boundless Consciousness
The Seventh Jhana, Nothingness
The Eighth Jhana, Neither Perception Nor Non-Perception
Limitations of Concentration Practice
29.Kasina Practice
Part IV: Insight
30.The Progress of Insight
1. Mind and Body
2. Cause and Effect
3. The Three Characteristics
4. The Arising and Passing Away
5. Dissolution, Entrance to the Dark Night
6. Fear
7. Misery
8. Disgust
9. Desire for Deliverance
10. Re-observation
11. Equanimity
12. Conformity
13. Change of Lineage
14. Path
15. Fruition
31.The Three Doors
32.“What Was That?”
34.The Vipassana Jhanas
Bill Hamiltons Model
U Panditas Model
One More Model
35.How the Maps Help
36.Beyond First Path (“What Next?”)
Part V: Awakening
37.Models of the Stages of Awakening
General Problems with Current Models
Models That are Mostly Unhelpful
The Non-Duality Model
The Sudden Schools of Awakening
The Direct Perception Models
Time and Space Models
The Fundamental Perception Models
The Specific Perception Models
The Emotional Models
The Theravada Four-Path Model
A Revised Four-Path Model
The Bodhisattva Bhumi Model
The Mahayana Five-Path Model
The Vajrayana Models
The Concentration Models
The Cessation of Perception and Feeling (Nirodha Samapatti)
Back to the Vajrayana Story
The Simple Model
The Action Models
The Perfect Speech Models
The Perfect Internet Behavior Models
The Powers Models
The Energetic Models
The Sleep Models
The Specific Knowledge Models
The Psychological Models
The No-Thought Models
The God Models
The Unity Models
The True Self Models
The Physical Models
The Biological Models
The Radiance Models
The Karma Models
The Perpetual Bliss Models
The Three Kayas
The Immortality Models
The Transcendence Models
The Extinction Models
The Love Models
The Equanimity Models
The No-Preferences Models
The Special Models
The Social Models
The Ultimate Reality versus Unreality Models
The Meaning Models
The Three Yanas
Ditching Our “Stuff” versus Ditching the Split
The “Nothing To Do” and “You Are Already There” Schools
Depths of Realization and Integration
Archetypes, Roles, Inspiration, and Becoming
Dependent Origination
Final Points
Towards Contemporary Models
39.It Is Possible!
40.More on the “Mushroom Factor”
41.So, Who the Heck Is Daniel M. Ingram?
Part VI: My Spiritual Quest
43.The Early Years
The Arising and Passing Away
45.College and Pre-Buddhist Exploration
46.The Middle Years
47.Thank U, India
48.The First Bodh Gaya Retreat
49.The First MBMC Retreat
50.The Dark Night Gets Ugly
51.The Second Bodh Gaya Retreat
52.The Great Stream Enterer
53.Dharma Power, Dharma Poison
54.The Middle Paths
Slam-Shifting Ñanas and Jhanas
Nirodha Samapatti
55.Map Failure
57.Kasinas, Powers, and Retreats
58.Introduction to the Powers
59.Are the Powers Real?
60.Paradigm Fluency
62.Those Damn Fairies…
63.Definitions of the Powers
64.Ethics and the Powers
65.How to Cultivate the Powers
66.Made Pliant and Malleable
67.Benefits of the Powers
68.Magick and the Brahma Viharas
Formal Definitions
The Brahma Viharas
Bodhicitta as Magick
Vipassana as Magick
69.Bhavana Society 2001 Retreat
Fire Kasina Practice
Morality and Magick
70.Around the World and Finding Home
The Second MBMC Retreat
Wobble and Fall
Vimuttimagga, The Path of Freedom
71.More Practical Tidbits
Describing Your Practice
Dependent Origination Revisited
72.Conclusion and Best Wishes

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