Liz Angerford, Ambrose Lea, Ramsey Dukes / Лиз Энгерфорд, Амброз Ли, Рамси Дюкс - Thundersqueak / Громописк [2004, PDF, ENG]

Thundersqueak / Громописк

Thundersqueak Год: 2004
Автор: Liz Angerford, Ambrose Lea, Ramsey Dukes / Лиз Энгерфорд, Амброз Ли, Рамси Дюкс
Жанр: магия хаоса, анархизм, оккультизм

Издательство: The Mouse That Spins
ISBN: 0-904311-13-9
Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 251

Thundersqueak, or the confession of a right wing anarchist - being the suicide writings of Liz Angerford and Ambrose Lea.Ramsey Dukes writing under the pseudonyms of Liz Angerford and Ambrose Lea really got the chaos magic current rolling with Thundersqueak back in 1979. Its a fine introduction to the practical side of the occult as well as a dissection of government and media about freeing us from seeing through other peoples visions of the world. Ultimately, the book questions how we see the world through our own vision. We use different maps to navigate through reality, in the form of beliefs, preconceptions, ideals, attitudes, etc. Are these maps actually tyrants that dominate us?After a small reprint in 1989 Thundersqueak along with most of Dukes other work became incredibly hard to find. The criess for new printings from those who had been initiated into the chaos current in the 1990s finally led to reprints of all of the authors material near the turn of the century. Thunderspeak had been re-typeset for a downloadable version which became available in 2001. However, this version lacked the original illustrated initial captials by Howard Luder which led to the publication of this 2002 facsimile edition of the first edition.The hilarious ideas in this book help clear away mental baggage, helping readers to question what they take for reality. Is reality what you have read in newspapers or heard from politicians, but have never experienced? Is reality going to a boring job every day, waiting until you retire to enjoy yourself, having routine and predictable conversations, never thinking about what other possible ways you could be living your life? What would life be like if you stripped away everything you have learned, all the beliefs and habitual ways of living that have been socialized into you from the start?Through guerilla warfare of the mind we can begin to live freer lives, and understand what we are by clearing away habitual ways of thinking/acting.Партизанская онтология дядюшки Рамси. Панковатая смемь оккультизма, политики, философии, психологии, культурологии итп. Классика ундэграунда.


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