The Equinox ( Vol. I, Vol. III - 1 (Blue)) / Эквинокс (Равноденствие) [1909 - 1919, PDF, ENG]

1 (Blue)) / Эквинокс (Равноденствие)

The Equinox ( Vol. I, Vol. III - 1 (Blue)) Год выпуска: 1909 - 1919
Автор: A..A.. (O.T.O.) (Aleister Crowley)
Жанр: научный иллюминизм, оккультизм, эзотерика

Издательство: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd.; Privately published; Wieland & Co.; Universal Publishing Co

Формат: PDF
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Язык: английский

The Equinox (subtitle: The Review of Scientific Illuminism) is a series of publications in book form that serves as the official organ of the A..A.., the mystical order of Aleister Crowley (although material is often of import to its sister organization, Ordo Templi Orientis). Begun in 1909, it remains one of the definitive works on occultism and magick, while several issues also contain poetry, fiction, plays, artwork, and biographies. The last issue was published in 1998.Эквинокс (Периодический журнал научного иллюминизма) - серия публикаций в формате книг, служащая официальным органом A..A.., мистического ордена Алистера Кроули (материалы нередко используются его сестринской организацией - Ordo Templi Orientis). Начав выходить в 1909-м, он остается одним из решающих трудов по оккультизму и магике.

Volume INumber 11. Editorial
2. An Account of A.. A..
3. Liber Librae [The Book of the Balance]
4. Liber Exercitiorum
5. The Wizard Way. By Aleister Crowley
6. The Magic Glasses. By Frank Harris
7. The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua
8. The Lonely Bride. By Victor B. Neuburg
9. At the Fork of the Roads
10. The Magician
11. The Soldier and the Hunchback: ! And ? By Aleister Crowley
12. The Hermit
13. The Temple of Solomon the King (Book I)
14. The Herb Dangerous (Part I) : A Pharmaceutical Study. By E. Whineray, M.P.S.
15. Endpages
* Special Supplement: John St. John: the Record of the Magical Retirement of G. H. by Frater O.. M..Number 21. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber O [vel Manus et Sagittae sub Figura VI]
4. The Herb Dangerous (Part II) : The Psychology of Hashish. By Oliver Haddo
5. Reviews
6. The Garden of Janus. By Aleister Crowley
7. The Dream Circean. By Marital Nay
8. The Lost Shepherd. By Victor B. Neuburg
9. A Handbook of Geomancy
10. The Organ in Kings Chapel, Cambridge, By G. H. S. Pinsent
11. A Note on Genesis
12. The Five Adorations. By Dost Achiha Khan
13. Illusion Damoureux. By Francis Bendick
14. The Opium-Smoker
15. Postcards to Probationers. By Aleister Crowley
16. The Wild Ass. By Alys Cusack
17. The Sphinx at Gizeh. By Lord Dunsany
18. The Priestess of Panormita. By Elaine Carr
19. The Temple of Solomon the King (Book II)
20. Amongst the Mermaids. By Norman Roe
21. Ave Adonai. By Aleister Crowley
22. The Man-Cover. By George Raffalovich
23. Stewed Prunes and Prism: The Tennyson Centenary. By A. Quiller, Jr.
24. Stop Press ReviewsNumber 31. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber XIII [vel Graduum Montis Abiegni: A Syllabus of the Steps Upon the Path]
4. AHA! By Aleister Crowley
5. The Herb Dangerous (Part III) : The Poem of Hashish. By Charles Baudelaire (Translated By Aleister Crowley)
6. An Origin. By Victor B. Neuburg
7. The Soul-Hunter
8. Madeleine. By Arthur F. Grimble
9. The Temple of Solomon the King (Book II Continued)
10. The Coming of Apollo. By Victor B. Neuburg
11. The Brighton Mystery. By George Raffalovich
12. Reviews
13. The Shadowy Dill-Waters. By A. Quiller, Jr.
14. Stop Press Reviews and Endpages
* Special Supplement: Liber DCCCCLXIII. the Treasure-House of ImagesNumber 41. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber III [vel Jugorum]
4. Liber A [vel Armorum sub Figura CCCCXII]
6. Reviews
7. My Lady of the Breeches. By George Raffalovich
8. Reviews
9. At Bordj-An-Nus. By Hilda Norfolk
10. ΑΙΝΟΖΙΔΟΖ. By Aleister Crowley
11. The Temple of Solomon the King. IV
12. Pan to Artemis. By Aleister Crowley
13. The Interpreter. By Perdurabo
14. The Daughter of the Horseleech. By Ethel Ramsay
15. The Dreamer
16. Mr. Todd. A Morality. By the Author of Rosa Mundi (William Butler Yeats)
17. The Gnome. By Victor B. Neuburg
18. Review
19. The Herb Dangerous. Part IV: the Hasheesh Eater
20. The Agnostic
21. The Mantra-Yogi
22. The Buddhist
23. The Violinist. By Francis Bendick
24. EHE! By George Raffalovich
25. Half-Hours with Famous Mahatmas. No. I. By Sam Hardy
26. The Thief-Taker. By Aleister Crowley
27. Review
28. The Eyes of St. Ljubov. By J. F. C. Fuller And George Raffalovich
29. Midsummer Eve. By Ethel Archer
30. The Poetical Memory
31. Adela
32. The Three Worms. By Edward Storer
33. The Felon Flower. By Ethel Archer
34. The Big Stick
35. Glaziers Houses
36. In the Temple. By Victor B. Neuburg
37. Endpages
* Special Supplement: the High History of Sir Palamedes the Saracen Knight and of his Following the Questing BeastNumber 51. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber HHH [sub figura CCCXLI]
4. The Blind Prophet. By Aleister Crowley
5. The Training of the Mind. By Ananda Metteya
6. The Sabbath. By Ethel Ramsay
7. The Temple of Solomon the King
8. A Nocturne. By Victor B. Neuburg
9. The Vixen. By Francis Bendick
10. The Pilgrim. By Aleister Crowley
11. My Crapulous Contemporaries, No. IV.—Wisdom While You Waite. By Aleister Crowley
12. X-Rays on Ex-Probationers. By Perdurabo
13. The Vampire. By Ethel Archer
14. The Big Stick
15. Correspondence
16. Stop Press Reviews
* Special Supplement: Liber CCCCXVIII (XXX Aerum) [vel Saecvli sub figura CCCCXVIII, Being of the Angels of the 30 Aethyrs, the Vision and the Voice]Number 61. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber X [Liber Porta Lucis]
4. Liber XVI [Liber Turris vel Domus Dei]
5. Liber XC [Liber Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermeticus]
6. Liber CLVI [Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni]
7. Liber CC [Liber Resh vel Helios]
8. Liber CCCLXX [Liber AAsh vel Capricorni Pneumatici]
9. Three Poems For Jane Cheron. By Aleister Crowley
10. Circe. By Ethel Archer
11. The Electric Silence
12. Song
13. The Scorpion. By Aleister Crowley
14. The Earth. By Francis Bendick
15. Sleep. By Ethel Archer
16. The Ordeal of Ida Pendragon. By Martial Nay
17. The Autumn Woods. By Victor Neuburg
18. The Dangers of Mysticism
19. The Big Stick. By John Yarker, E. Whineray, Aleister Crowley, Etc.
20. Endpages
* Special Supplement: The Rites of EleusisNumber 71. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber I [vel Magi]
4. Liber XI [Liber Nu]
5. Liber LXIV [Liber Israfel]
6. Liber LXVI [Liber Stellae Rubeae]
7. Liber CLXXV [Astarte vel Liber Berylli]
8. Liber CCVI [Liber Ru vel Spiritus]
9. Liber CCXXXI
10. Liber CD [Liber Tau vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum]
11. Liber CDLXXIV [Liber os Asbysmi vel Daath]
12. Liber DLV [Liber Had]
13. Liber DCCCXXXI [Liber Tau]
14. Liber CMXIII [Liber ThIShARB viae Memoriae]
15. Adonis. By Aleister Crowley
16. The Ghouls. By Aleister Crowley
17. The Four Winds. By Aleister Crowley
18. Independence. By Aleister Crowley
19. Showstorm. By Aleister Crowley
20. A Brief Abstract of the Symbolic Representation of the Universe Derived by Doctor John Dee through the Skrying of Sir Edward Kelley. By Aleister Crowley
21. Apollo Bestows the Violin. By Aleister Crowley
22. Diana of the Inlet. By Katharine Susannah Prichard
23. Silence. By Ethel Archer
24. Memory of Love. By Meredith Starr
25. Across the Gulf. By Aleister Crowley
26. The Temple of Solomon the King (Continued)
27. My Crapulous Contemporaries. No. V., the Bismarck of Battersea. By A. Quiller, Jun. (Aleister Crowley)
28. Arthur in the Area Again. By Aleister Crowley
29. The Big Stick. Reviews By Aleister Crowley and John Yarker
30. A Birthday. By Aleister CrowleyNumber 81. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. θέλημα : a Tone-Testament By Leila Waddell
4. Three Poems. By Victor B. Neuburg
5. The Temple of Solomon the King (continued)
6. His Secret Sin
7. Long Odds
8. Doctor Bob. A Sketch By Mary Deste and Aleister Crowley
9. The Woodcutter
10. La Foire. By Barbey De Rochechouart
11. Professor Zircon
12. A Brief Abstract of the Symbolic Representation of the Universe, Derived by Doctor John Dee through the Skrying of Sir Edward Kelly. Part II. The Forty-Eight Calls
13. Stepney
14. The Tell-Tale Heart. Adapted from the Story of E. A. Poe. By Aleister Crowley
15. Sorites
16. A Description of the Cards of the Tarot, with their Attributions; Including a Method of Divination by their Use
17. On-On-Poet
18. Elder Eel
19. The Spadger
20. To Persis
21. Waites Wet or the Backsliders Return
22. My Crapulous Contemporaries. No. VI. An Obituary
23. The New Evelyn Hope
24. Reviews
* Special Supplement: Sepher SephirothNumber 91. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. The Temple of Solomon the King (Continued)
4. Lines to a Young Lady Violinist on Her Playing in a Green Dress Designed By the Author
5. Energized Enthusiasm
6. The Titanic
7. A Literatooralooral Treasure-Trove
8. Threnody
9.Dischmatal by Night. By Arthur Grimble
10. A Quack Painter
11. At Sea
12. Cancer?
13. Dumb!
14. The Vitriol-Thrower
15. The Fairy Fiddler. By Ethel Archer
16. An Evocation of Bartzabel the Spirit of Mars
17. The Testament of Magdalen Blair
18. Ercildoune. By Aleister Crowley
19. Athanasius Contra Decanum
20. My Crapulous Contemporaries. No. VII. A Galahad in Gomorrah
21. How I Became a Famous Mountaineer. By Percy W. Newlands, P.R.A.S., P.R.B.S., P.R.C.S., P.R.Y.S., P.R.Z.S., Etc., Etc.
22. The Tango: A Sketch. By Mary Deste and Aleister Crowley
23. The Big Stick
24. ReviewsNumber 101. Frontpages
2. Editorial
3. Liber L. Vel Legis The Book of the Law
5. A Syllabus of the Οfficial Ιnstructions of A.. A..
6. The Ship
7. As in a Glass, Darkly. By Arthur Grimble.
8. Two Fragments of Ritual
9. The Disciples
10. The Temple of Solomon the King (Concluded)
11. Rosa Ignota. By Victor B. Neuburg
12. The Game of Crowley
13. Boo to Buddha
14. Crowley Pool
15. Hymn to Satan
16. A Ballad of Bedlam. By Ethel Archer.
17. Dead Weight
18. The Big Stick
19. Colophon—To Laylah Eight-And-Twenty
20. Index to Volume I
21. Endpages
* Special Supplement: The Key of the MysteriesVolume II
Nos. 1-10 are a Period of Silence—no copies.Volume IIINumber 1, also called the Blue Equinox1. Hymn to Pan
2. Editorial
3. Præmonstrance of A.’.A.’.
4. Curriculum of A.’.A.’.
5. Liber II [The Message of the Master Therion]
6. The Tent
7. Liber DCCCXXXVII [The Law of Liberty]
8. Liber LXI [vel Causae A..A..]
9. A Psalm
10. Liber LXV [Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente]
11. Liber CL [De Lege Libellum]
12. A Psalm
13. Liber CLXV [A Master of the Temple]
14. Liber CCC [Khabs am Pekht]
15. Stepping Out of the Old Aeon into the New
16. The Seven Fold Sacrament
17. Liber LII [Manifesto of the O.T.O.]
18. Liber CI [An Open Letter to Those Who May Wish to Join the Order]
19. Liber CLXI [Concerning the Law of Thelema]
20. Liber CXCIV [An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order]
21. Liber XV The Gnostic Mass
22. Nekam Adonai!
23. A La Loge
24. The Tank
* Special Supplement: Liber LXXI [The Voice of the Silence: The Two Paths, The Seven Portals]


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