the Baby is born or just about to be born, and others have already given lots of advice, valuable recommendations: how to feed, to swaddle or not how to sleep, which is essential to the baby and what is harmful. But if the experience of others in the acquisition of carriages and bonnets is very important, the experience in breast-feeding and generally feeding often leads a young mother in bewilderment, too inconsistent this same experience. What kind of advice is harmful to mothers and which are useful?

Here are the most common harmful for breastfeeding tips:

"After birth, the child was immediately taken away, and I was able to relax! Didn't have to lay with him on the belly and to the Breasts".

it is Very important to put the baby to breast after birth. The child receives the most valuable drops of colostrum at the first attachment to the breast. The mother is better shrinking the uterus, when the child lies on her stomach, breastfeeding. Mom is close emotional contact with the baby.

"Better the early days to feed formula. There's no milk. And colostrum too little! A hungry baby!"

Drops of colostrum is enough to the newborn in the first days. If a healthy baby is more often applied to the chest, then to fast it will not!

"If you lay the baby to the breast, milk will not have time to accumulate"

Milk is produced continuously. The chest is only a temporary reservoir for milk. And the more often the breast is emptied, the more milk is produced. If mother waits that the chest was filled, the body perceives it as a signal that the milk is too much and stops to fill it in the right amount.

"Not to prevent "hovering" of the child at the breast for long periods of time. Enough for a 10-15 minute"

the Kid himself adjusts the time at the breast. He is at the breast as much as he needs. Children are different: someone who eats very quickly of all chest, someone hard to "pull" the milk. If a child is taken away prematurely from the breast, the baby may just be hungry.

"feeding by the clock will give the child to izbalovana"

the Child himself knows when and how much he needs milk. Feeding on demand leads to "tweak" the breast under the baby's needs. Gradually the child will develop a specific feeding regime, and you will just have to adapt.

"Night feeding only hinder the mother. She doesn't sleep. It is better to give the mixture before bedtime. The necessary night's rest the baby's tummy"

well organized night feeding mom doesn't interfere with sleep. A big break in feeding or replacement feeding mixture will reduce the supply of breast milk. Feeding in the night does not affect the baby's tummy.

"How do you feed on demand?! But if a child wants to eat on the street, in the store?"

Now a lot of clothing for feeding, in which almost imperceptibly you feed your baby. There are also various capes, ponchos etc for feeding that make the process invisible to others. If you wear baby in a sling, the problem is solved. Of course, to feed in the cold and windy weather, if your clothes are not adapted for this, not worth it.

"I Have a liquid, transparent milk. Milk is not enough. The milk disappears. Maybe I should give formula to the baby not hungry?"

Neither the color nor taste, nor smell does not determine the quality of milk for each child. Milk tailored to the specific needs of the baby. If you think milk is not enough or it is lost, so often have to put the baby to the breast.

"the mother's breast should not be a pacifier-a pacifier for the baby. You need to give a pacifier to meet their sucking reflex".

the Child fed on demand, and so satisfying his sucking reflex. Breasts are not only a source of food, but also a source of satisfaction of the sucking reflex, a means of sedation. In addition, no one can guarantee whether the baby is sucking with pleasure Boobs after suck a pacifier or a bottle with a nipple. Give it from the breast after the first time or after the hundredth.

"it is Necessary to regularly Express milk. So it does not stagnate in reserve, so someone else could feed the baby and mom to relax"

the Regular expression will have no positive effect for breastfeeding. Supply of milk is worth doing only if you plan to leave baby for an extended period of time (going to work, a room in the hospital, treatment is not compatible with breastfeeding). To a mother, the relatives and the husband can give the opportunity between feedings (to bathe, to play, to wear on the hands, etc.)

"When the mother is ill, to not infect the child, you need to stop feeding. And you never know what medicines she takes."

When mom's sick, we need to continue to breastfeed because the antibodies the mother's body produces will go to the kid and not let him get sick. Many drugs are compatible with breastfeeding. If your doctor knows about breastfeeding, discuss therapy compatible with breast-feeding.

"to breastfeed after a year makes no sense, because milk is not useful"

the Composition of the milk changes with the age and needs of the child. After a year it is a great addition to solid food, supports the immune system and is an important psychological component of relationship of the mother and baby.

of Course, this is not a complete list of bad advice. Many issues are resolved on an individual basis. If the mother has doubts, need information, have any problems, but there is a great desire to breast-feed the baby, then you need to contact a lactation consultant or doctor that supports breastfeeding, or the mother having a successful, positive experience in breastfeeding their baby more than a year.

Chuprikova Galina
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