Personal adaptation number 3.
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people with the most detailed thinking. Doing everything correctly to avoid embarrassment. Recheck count before you act. Measure out seven, eight, and twenty times before cutting. In computer games peresohranyaemsya every step of the way

Good organizers. Love to receive and give clear answers to all questions. Wear a conservative look properly

Ego-state: the Inner Parent can be mixed with the for Adults. The inner Child is practically impossible. With him eliminated, "baby" feelings, a little spontaneity. Behave so that nobody could find the error or weakness, and to make fun of for it.

This adaptation is formed from 0 to 18 months
Attended the inconsistency of the parents. Today my daughter jumping on the bed - and it's a joy, I laugh with her. The other day, I was tired, I was annoyed, "what they were mad" and generally "act normal". May present a variety of invasion, giving birth to fear. The force-feeding, constant medical procedures, violence, disasters or military action. 

this solved the important task of the first months of life is to build basic trust in the parents and the world
because of the unstable conditions. Infants in this case, develop an acute sensitivity to control yourself and everyone around you. Starting to suspect everyone in a hostile attitude to maintain security. That is "a basic distrust of the world".

they Have a fantasy that part of their personality - aggressive biting animal. And then not only they need to protect themselves from other people, but to save others from themselves. In this format, the proximity is perceived as a threat

In the person working drivers "Be strong" and "Be perfect". The first is aimed at the Inner Child, second on Parent.

the psychologist come, when tired of everything in life to double-check. It's starting to ruin relationships around them. They need to acquire a sense of inner security, what they failed to do in childhood, in order to feel bespatno in this world now. You must learn to check other people's perception, to separate your dodumki other from reality. To stop imply that they know everything about everyone. Finally, you need to understand that if they weaken the control over the reality they can still be responsible for what you do. This will help to relax and get more pleasure from life.

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