Brothers and sisters


the Case of life: from the hospital discharged mother and daughter (second child), she met her husband, the grandmother and the son, who is now the new status is the eldest son. Granny first time picks up his granddaughter and at this point sees eldest grandson starts crying and asks: "Grandma, what do you not love me anymore?". Where does the child have such thoughts?

This and many other occasions occur in life because between siblings is always a fight for the love of the parents, which is not realized by the children, and sometimes parents too. Parents can't understand why an older brother hugging a sister so tightly that it seems he is literally strangling her with love.

Can this be avoided? Probably not, because children always fighting for the attention of parents

is it Possible to handle this? Yes, you can, you just need to be a little smarter and wiser, in cases of dispute.

there is No universal advice on the situation as to make the siblings were not arguing or fighting in the fight for a toy chair, the attention of parents. If the small tricks that will help you to smooth over the arising conflict.

it All starts with the adoption of the senses, the child must understand that parents can understand it: "I guess sometimes it's hard to be a big brother and I want to be the only child in the family."

Second – the child must understand that the youngest in the family took his place, his love. Seeing as you are rocking a baby, the child may want to become again a small, do not deny him this pleasure, sit on my knees and shake hands.

do Not seek to establish positive relationships between siblings, just remember some fact from the past when they received the pleasure of communicating among themselves.

Awaken in the senior helper, not a competitor: "Like your sister is determined to destroy everything in its path, can you build her a tower of cubes?"

Another point, when you are talking with the youngest child in the eyes of the senior, it can cause jealousy from older. Be smarter in this case and tell the younger about the achievements of the elder: "Today, he made Breakfast for the whole family, someday he'll teach you how to do it."

to Avoid the very competition will not work, but to learn how to work with her to help children to overcome it every parent who wants to in the future, the siblings were friends for life, supported each other, was a mainstay in a difficult situation.

If you have your own stories or questions related to the interaction between the siblings, then I'm happy to discuss.

Darya Sorokova
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