Often the trainings revealed that people in the modern world so deep in the stress that is already no longer aware.

And when suddenly comes the realization, I don't know what to do with it.

the recognition of the existing problem of a large and important step on the way to its solution. With him begins the most interesting and exciting to let yourself of this.

But more often, our negative emotions we are afraid of. Be it resentment, fear, anger, frustration, hatred, irritation. And on the way to understanding yourself are the prohibitions. Prohibitions on the senses, bans on the expression of feelings, inhibitions... Inhibitions of childhood, the prohibitions of the kind.

And we wear these unlived emotions with me for years. Hoard them until they begin to overflow.

And as often happens, the "sore spot" in my heart, we are pressured at work, and our negative emotions breaks through to the closest people. For those who are weaker than us, those who are defenceless and cannot resist us hard. This is our youngest and our children.

What to do when that happens?

of Course, when you realized that you sometimes "carries", it means it's time to devote time to their feelings. So they had already accumulated enough. It's time to give them the time. Begin to take them and live. And you need to remove the buffer between himself and his feelings.

But between work and the house on the contrary, should such a buffer be put.

Under the buffer between work and home, we understand not the way driving on traffic jams and jostling in public transport, which adds to your stress and negative emotions. It's not something that can calm you and bring in good spirits.

a Good buffer between work and home can be a walk by the pond or other body of water if he is nearby. Light. And not with heavy bags from the grocery store.

you can Sit behind the wheel of a parked car for 15 minutes, perform breathing practices to calm or at least just listen to soft music.

to Summarize the previous work day to sort through all of his events and his feelings in relation to these events.

to Write a plan for tomorrow. And flip the "page".

to prepare for the meeting with the family. Remember before this game, the brightest moments associated with them in your life. Recall your most fond feelings for each of them.

And then go home. To those who loves you and waits. And who are also waiting for the answer and your love.

And not your nerves.

Suvorova Elena
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