Bulimia is one of the leading not many eating disorders. Our present places high demands on the person, and often puts in the forefront the external characteristics such as appearance, success, slender figure and attractiveness. I have even heard from teenagers-high school students this opinion for this reason: "If you have folds of fat, then you - biomass!"

These trends have, as a rule, from the "capitals" of our vast country, from big cities and megacities. They are impregnated with their ideas of the regions, taking the mental scale of the epidemic. Once upon a time, my lecturer, a Professor, a psychoanalyst, said, "the Last century was a century of depression, the current century is the time of daffodils". Increasingly, we hear from young women concerned about their appearance that "all successful and rich people are thin and tall". And these are inspired by the stereotypes make women who later develop eating disorders, fighting with myself: to sit on diets, to engage in exhausting physical exercise, take dehydrating medications, etc., All this for one purpose - to get better, not to gain weight, or lose weight if he is already there.

in addition, these beliefs are formed in childhood or adolescence. When mom, grandma, or other significant people are taught that to be full is not valid, cannot get fat, no one likes fat. But the fact is that all of these suggestions-beliefs are not entirely unfounded. Often mothers or grandmothers at the time, was fixed at the idea of losing weight, as had the increased weight. And the theme of appearance and food for them was, and still is, extremely important. So they broadcast their an anorectic install their daughters. And these settings fall on fertile ground, easily accepted. And the reasons for this is, they are justified.

the fact that before the formation of the obsessive thoughts about food, shape and weight, such patients dramatically and seemingly wantonly grew fat. Then they could also wanton to lose weight drastically, then again unable to gain weight. They experienced decent "weight swing". And these swings associated with metabolic and hormonal disturbances in the body. Most often, these violations are the following:

— Formation of insulin resistance - decreased sensitivity of tissues to insulin action. In the body enough insulin, it transports glucose to the cells of the tissues, but that the energetic material does not get inside cells. An energy famine. And the excess glucose goes to form fat. Thus, the insular system is responsible for 2 things: directly behind the splitting-glucose transport into the cell, and indirectly for groovetune excess glucose. And people as a result of the failure of this mechanism begins to recover. With significant insulin resistance and it is recovering significantly. It is proven that high insulin resistance is the cause of diabetes of the 2nd type of polycystic ovaries, infertility. By the way, a family history of patients suffering from bulimia often revealed a diabetes 2-go type of mom or grandmother, or both at once.

— Violation of water-salt metabolism in the body, which involves some trace elements: sodium, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc., as well as water. as a result, the body can be trapped excess fluid. For the water-salt balance meets the parathyroid gland, partial thyroid, kidneys and all deducing system. By the way, I must say that when bulimia, and other eating disorders, the function of the thyroid gland is not broken. In the vast majority of cases of bulimia hormones thyroid tests are within normal limits. Thus, in violation of water-salt balance the body weight increases due to the content of excess fluid in the body. It visually looks in the form of swelling, puffiness of the face, neck, and extremities. The body seemed to have become inflated, swollen by water. Stay on it long-term traces from wearing clothing such as tight socks or sandals.

These violations be included in the structure of the metabolic syndrome. Endocrinologists know how to deal with it. the Metabolic syndrome is a congenital feature of the body.

Also, before the symptoms of bulimia, or other eating disorders in women is very often present and gynecological problems. Such as the violation of a monthly cycle. The cycle may disappear from month to month, or it may be unstable. This indicates hormonal dysfunction of the body.

And here, upon the occurrence of a situation that unites these two components simultaneously: the metabolic syndrome and an anorectic installations of one and the same person, there is a symptom of bulimia. In the absence of one of these components will not be bulimia. So, if there is no metabolic component (in the body everything is normal), and an anorectic installation is, it will probably get worse psihopatizatsii personality in the narcissistic type. Or to form obsessions, and overvalued ideas, and sometimes crazy ideas about appearance and food. In the latter case, under bulimia can masquerade as schizophrenia. Because of psychiatrists is not a secret that anorexia is the manifestation of the extreme exhaustion may be nervous (in the structure of neurosis), and in some cases may occur in schizophrenia (in the structure of psychosis).

psihopatizatsii personality, its violation does anorexia and bulimia is so difficult to treat mental disorder.

If you omit the installation of an anorectic, but there are problems in the body - metabolic or hormonal disturbances that will appear compulsive overeating. And as acquired as a result of gluttony completeness up to a certain point not much worried man, then the actions of cleansing the body after an episode of overeating will not follow.

All the above is important for understanding the mechanism of the development of bulimia nervosa, which has a two-component basis. Accordingly, it is necessary to consider approaches to its treatment.

the Treatment is in effect on both components of the disease. It seems to me that the assistance from the endocrinologist can have only auxiliary value, and to operate in the mode of positive reinforcement. And psychotherapy, in particular hypnotherapy, will be the main approach to treatment.

the Targets of psychotherapy in the treatment of bulimia are primarily an anorectic installation, narcissistic radical personality, acceptance of yourself, your body, appearance, low self esteem, anhedonia (inability to enjoy), oral fixation personality. Also the main target will be generated emotional dependency from the mother, or other significant people.

the Destruction of these nuclei-targets will lead along with the disappearance of the main symptom to finding the meaning of life, personal freedom, building a new image I (other-esteem), ability to enjoy other aspects of life instead of food.

practical psychologist in Simferopol, hypnotherapist
Kashin Alexander V.

Kashin Alexander
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