"Before coming home, she felt the utter devastation of the day. Feeling the hole it was in. It makes faster to go to sleep. Sometimes it seemed to her that today she had one that dragged stones from one place to another because of changes in the work, namely, a positive trend, it is very rarely seen, instead, she is often immersed in the darkness of destructiveness and deviance. She thought about that, but there still good people? Is there hope for something good and kind. And similar survival, involving the work-house, work-house, could last long, if he hadn't invited her to go swimming one evening, leaving the familiar succession of life...".

burnout is a difficult moment in life, a difficult condition as well as an insurmountable barrier to work, which we do not see outside, but feel on the inside. This condition is scary because it is not so much "burns" the inner sense, but rather causes a sense of nausea from contact with new feelings. We, as representatives of profession "man – man" the most affected by this "disease", because our main tool is us, our personality and myself to leave, to forget something heavier. We can't, such as excavator, to leave his instrument at work, quietly walking home, knowing more today I can not use.

we Have a dangerous profession in terms of "vliyanie" in problems of clients. It is easy to say that the door is closed and all is forgotten what happened at the session. From memory there are no doors, and emotions to close hard. Before, being a green student reading about the prevention of professional burnout, I thought about what is nonsense, what Hobbies and personal time with an adequate regime of work and rest helps to take care of themselves. It seemed to me that this is impossible, since therapy is something very high, unattainable. But in practice it was more interesting than in books.

Despite all the developmental work and awareness, to abstract "problems" and "difficulties" the work is hard, because in the process we are trying to build the contact, adhering to honest interaction, thus removing protective barriers, which we would be able to protect from destruction or hurricane of negative feelings clients. But I believe in that energy, being even negative, is still energy, no matter how it is obtained. Energy can be transformed into a positive, using it constructively in life. Someone caught the stress goes to work on exercise equipment, some people prefer to sleep with someone who goes to therapy. The main thing is not to get stuck with what we got and got, and maybe something are unable to assimilate. We're all human, get tired from each other. I know for a fact that after an active working week, I don't want to see friends and to go out with them, preferring the peace and quiet of his apartment, trying to recover. Everyone has their own way - the important thing is not to ignore yourself.

If you took anything after the session with the client, it is important to realize or just try to face the fact of what this topic means to me, why she responded to me, than she answered me.

throughout the professional practice we are improving, develop – read books, go through training, personal therapy visited – to do all kinds of actions in order not to stand still, looking for something new and interesting. When emotional burnout we don't want to look for anything new, we would freeze and stay that way – because if I move, I may become painful.

the Exercise with the trivial name "Boredom" (may apply depending on request) helps to start to build on itself, updating the internal resources. Note on exercise: Sometimes we find our energy exhausted, and we are not able to study more. This simple exercise gives an idea of how to regain inspiration and re-engage in the process of life.

instruction: "I want to show you how you can use boredom to get a useful result. Next time you get bored, you can use the method, which will learn today. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply several times... And now go back in imagination to the place where you now want to find yourself... Find a place that you really like... Maybe it will be the room where you can be alone, you Might imagine yourself somewhere in nature... Look around... And now open your eyes and come back here... Carefully look around, listen to sounds and noises... Now close your eyes again and go back to where you presented yourself in your imagination. Look around, pay attention to the sounds heard in this place, on coming up to you smells... And now again, come back here and open your eyes...What is missing in your current situation that you found in the imagination? What can you do to make your stay in the here and now was just as enjoyable as in an imaginary place? Maybe you need a break? Maybe you should go for a walk? To switch to another job? To speak with someone? Or new perspective on your work? What exactly can you do?".

When burnout, fatigue we are disconnected from life, missing something important that surrounds us. In contact with the world can not be all the time – sometimes need breaks. But if you can't go out with him, listen to yourself – what is wrong that you can change. Changing, acting – you get out of the dead end of burnout. If you can't do it yourself, you can always seek the help of a friend.

Kozhina (Repacova) Ekaterina
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