A men badly burned by their first marriages about their first wives. Someone this marriage was longer, someone shorter. Someone in it was formed more mutual obligations, some less.

Men with peace of burns are beginning to beware of women and to avoid close relations with them. Warmth and love replaced with Masturbation, prostitutes, short situational relations. To soothe the soul uses all popular measures in the form of chemical and non-chemical dependencies, from which eventually the body is depleted even more. Some even thought about, but heterosexual? Maybe their way is relationships with other men? It happens.

It all comes from pain. From the wounds that formed after the breakup and the feelings festering and bleeding, not sajeva a long, long time. It was a merger with a partner and the gap is felt as a loss of part of yourself.

the Thing that is difficult is curable, like any loss. Help here together three things:

  1. the Time.
  2. third-Party support.
  3. Personal life.

The saddest thing is that no man is safe from the fact that his relationship with the next chosen one will not go under the same scenario, they will not turn again an unexpected loss and painful accommodation of loss. Really bad, if it happens at the moment when the man still didn't get out of the first life of the pit. It may finally collapse and take on a very destructive path.

Here I want to say about what you need to do in the spirit of mens trainers and coaches on relationships, but I will steer you clear of the less popular idea is a life casino relations could only take. Make that after the first failed marriage you can have 10 more unfortunate, the last of which will be in your retirement age. You can't predict and control, but you can recall how you learned to walk when he was a little boy.

You fell, it hurt, bruises heal. You would get up. Then again, hurt fell and cried, but eventually got up. And look at yourself! You learned to walk! But unless someone gave you a guarantee that you will succeed? No.

Following your relationship will undergo the same stages as the previous one for a loved one gestaltists cycle contact. And you again the first thing you will get in the merger, which will be cool in pink glasses, and next to the most wonderful man on Earth. And only then the veil of love and the idealization wears off. It's part of a relationship. But then what? Maybe next fall, maybe not.

Recover, carucates time, resource, support and go live!

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