- What is pride? - asked me today, master of the management company.

- And what aspect of pride are you interested in? – I specified.

- In the religion, for example, pride is considered the worst sin. Or, for example, any business built from pride... ' he replied.

- This is not a fact. Now, if a person has a talent to write poems or paintings, and he realized that pride? - I asked.

- No, it's a gift from God. he replied.

- And if a person has a gift to write poetry, he writes, does not realize its a gift from God, this is called? - clarify.

- And this, perhaps, is pride. thoughtfully he says. - Because when a person does not realize his talent, believing that he is not talented, he exalts himself above the God who gave him this talent.

- And if a person has a different talent? He can create paintings or poems, but something else that makes life easier for people. Or he has the talent of organization of production. He organizes the production, creating useful products for people product, creating jobs and providing livelihood opportunities to many people.
And he realizes his talent. It is that pride? – interested in.

- it Turns out that no. he says, and adds: - But the person also has certain ambitions and realizing them, he towers over the others?

- Yes, ambition is to help him in realization of his talent. But the ambition, the scale of actions and thoughts, the higher official position and social status, and haughty exaltation above others, but rather the humiliation of others, are completely different things. And they can be completely unrelated.

Exalted above man, to humiliate him, even pity.

- You want to say, what a pity, it is also a manifestation of pride? – he was surprised. Never really thought about it!

And then continued:

But really, sparing the other, we appreciate it and consider it a bit inferior. In General, there is something to think about!

Thank you!

- for good!

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