set Company for more than 9 years prepares business coaches to effectively train your staff to solve actual problems of business clients.

to find out why you need business coaches that this profession and how it is relevant today, we talked to the Director and leading coach of the project "System for Effective Training: the Basic technology of business-training"- Olga Balashova

-Olga, tell me are there any from Your point of view changes in a business coach, and how the crisis has affected this work?

-Certainly is. Many companies that decided to train the staff began to approach this issue more carefully. The crisis has taught to count money. The requirement for training has increased. It should be as adapted to the client. The coach needs to make a diagnosis, to learn how the business of the company. And if you compare coach 2008-2011, the difference certainly is. the pre-Crisis coach could "go" on the standard and is enough to have clients who did not require special immersion in the business context. Now to the business coach began to show higher requirements. Important expert position, ability to speak the same language with the customer, conduct a sufficient number of meetings to dive into the specifics of the client's business. Crisis very well "cleaned" the market survived the real professionals, Amateurs had to leave.

-now do a lot of business coaches?

-Yes, now there is a wave of training of business coaches. So much competition. Many go out of business in coach. Profession this became clear, it accumulated a large store of knowledge ready to hand. Besides, this profession brings in very good earnings.

Not to train the personnel is dangerous for business. An untrained team will only scare away all my customers and undermine the reputation of the company. Therefore, in order to build a strong business you need to constantly train their staff. And there are several options: either to look for external trainer and training company, or learn of a person within the company, which will become internal coach.

-What ratio should be both internal and external coaches?

- every company has its own specific work, your experience, your staff. If it is a small company with low staff turnover, where processes are built up - enough external experts who will train 2-3 times a year, giving new skills and tools.

In a large company where constantly changing cadre of internal coach simply necessary. For example, in Sberbank. There are big changes in the business right now, turnover of staff, high plans for the selection and conclusion on the planned level of efficiency of employees additional offices either . Need to prepare staff dedicated to client-oriented approach who will know the specifics of the Bank service standards. This can be learned specialist, who himself is versed in everything from a to z, and this can only be a domestic coach. Not only because the banks operate in almost all large companies is such a problem.

For the mass of personnel will need internal trainers who will teach the techniques of control, communication and sales that are in the company. But the coach can't know everything about everything, and when there is a need to train managers, for example, it is probably best to hire the services of external companies.

-Olga, how do You see the profession of a business coach in the future?

-I Can say one thing, business coaches many never will. It is physically a very expensive profession, you need to have enough domestic energy resources to keep the audience, it may not everyone. I think a good coach could be the person who comes into this profession years in 30-35, then he already has businessovy experience life, and he should be a teacher on your temperament to want to pass on their knowledge to others. To learn the technology trainings at all these introduction.

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