Business Plan for the unconscious


a Business Plan for the unconscious: How, Why and what must be created?

Yesterday I shared a small piece, but very consistent at setting goals. And today, as promised, I will tell about the business plan for the most important investor in your life is unconscious.

Why is it the investor?

it's simple! If your goal is not to have a beer with friends in the evening, and is much more global, bigger and requires a lot of time and effort, then BP for the unconscious need to be specified.

the fact that your unconscious is sponsoring your energy for life and controls life processes. If you start to reach an ambitious target, it may not give you energy. After all, it's all calculated and some extra projects that need to allocate energy to him to anything.

What to do to make this work?

it is Important to negotiate with the unconscious and to reconcile the achievement of the goal. How to do it? To draw up a detailed business plan. Really detailed to the last detail, and not one of two pieces of A4.

Imagine that you want the business and go to a very reputable person. Most likely you will be prepared to the maximum. Here is the same.

What should be in the BP?

you Can read the last post, where I wrote part of the structure, and now emphasize 2 main points that are important to register in PSU.

1. HOW will you reach this goal. All steps are described in detail. The shorter each step, the better.

2. something THAT will give you, others, the world, God reach your goals. For what it's doing, what the mission is.

If you tell the unconscious how are you going to reach goals and bonuses, which everyone will get when you achieve it, you can bet 80% it will give you energy with a vengeance.

You'll be the most important resource - the inspiration, energy and enthusiasm. All because you stood up partners with the unconscious and work on each other. And it certainly knows how to equip you with everything you need.

What happens if you don't create the BP?

If the goal requires a lot of costs, and the unconscious does not understand exactly how much and what will be the result, you most likely will not emit energy. Instead, it will reward you with apathy, laziness, lack of confidence in itself, but would not undertake the case.

All as with a real investor. If he does not understand why he should invest money and how you get there, then believe me - he will not give money.

So friends! Who are the target or you are just starting to think about it; take and prepare the BP, as it is a very cool tool.

Nikita Ilyin
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