I often hear that “I Have no choice, so...”. But is it really? Are there any situations when we really have no choice? I foresee, in my now fly tomatoes - but my answer is “THERE is ALWAYS a CHOICE”. Perhaps only when we are born we do not choose, although here more and more now they say that the soul is initially chooses where she was born.

object: "What I choose to live in poverty? sick? to be single or unhappy in marriage? To work on unloved work? Cursing, fear, being insecure and unloved?..."

Yes, all is well. Many of the programs you laid in early childhood. Then you chose to obey or not to obey, to accept these programs and to be good or not. You have formed a picture of the world, your behavioral patterns, and survival. You accepted the rules of the game. You think a certain scenario of life. Were you 2-3 years, maybe 5-7... You saw things differently and make choices based on their age and experience.

But you grew up, became an adult. it is time to consciously look at yourself and your life. Look at your family relationships (your spouse, children, parents), relationships with colleagues, friends, customers, to your self-realization, self-development, look at your income, your job, the time you allow yourself to relax at the comfort in my life, on itself, not on the level of satisfaction with each area of your life.

yourself And honestly answer the questions “how many percent of the 100 I am satisfied with my life? What I would like to change? Help me rules and scenarios from your childhood? If I don't like the current situation, WHY would I choose it? And what I really want, want for yourself?”.

where we are now is a series of our own elections. If you think that there are times when you do not choose - I will reveal a little secret. Here you also choose, just choose “not to choose”.

When you realize that you don't like and what you want, what goal to achieve, then you have a CHOICE: to leave everything as it is or something in your life to change.

every day I ask myself in different situations - what I choose? or why I choose (e.g., bad mood) what I want instead?... As soon as I answered this question, my focus immediately shifted to the solution.

Friends, be aware and choose consciously. This is your life and you live it once))

Write comment that you responded? where did you hear yourself? now what you choose?

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With love, Yana Yakupova

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