I Have never had any urgent need “make” a boyfriend or husband already. And it's not that I'm a dreamer or an idealist, which was waiting just for “dreams”. But I do sincerely believe in love and real deep feelings and attitudes, and not just “tick” or stamp in the passport. And so long as this belief is in me to live, the less I just do not agree.

But I always knew or rather felt that all and will develop a natural and the best way to me. Besides, I always believe that a good and loving men still exist and I will meet him. 

So now I'm really glad I did not rush to advance the solution and not “popped” to marry the first one who offered, and was waiting for someone really close and dear, someone special – indeed my man. Because with him she wanted marriage and a family, and then just live  - happily ever after.

So, honestly, I don't quite understand those women who feel the need not to really find his lover, but simply the presence of any men there ... That is, they agree to that, just to be like everyone else and a man at hand ... Or do not fully understand those women who just desperately keen to get married and they, by and large, and for someone ... who will offer over and out.

 But then I hear from these same women the whole lecture on the theme “All men the same”, “has long been extinct the real men”, “They are only interested in sex, there are with them you can build a serious relationship..”and then you begin to understand where the Shoe pinches.

Because that's what these women explain that it makes no sense to wait for someone really worthy, because it still just does not exist in nature. So they agree to be with someone with a heart stubbornly remains silent ... And they would listen to him.

Then I feel very sad and hurt for these women and especially men, because I'm pretty sure decent, loving, gentle and caring men still exist. And maybe it is because I sincerely believe, in my life there is enough evidence and confirmation of this. Because, believe me, men also want a real sincere feelings, and relationships. I also want to love and be loved.

 That's why those women who think differently themselves fully convinced that decent and loving men is simply not there, really don't can meet them. And it is not surprising that with this setting, these women do not would such  men. After all, they already from the start to measure them all under a single blueprint and immediately start looking for another trick.

So I would advise those women who are already disappointed in men, but it is not final and still hope to meet a nice man, at least to start just to try to slightly change his attitude to the strong floor.

try to see in each of them their real personality and individuality, not just put a label or a diagnosis, “Yes, he is like all”. And suddenly not the same as special? And suddenly he's exactly what you want, and you're the one who always needed him ...? And you through its installation and one-sidedness  views can not notice this? Think about it.

Therefore, my dear women, remember that you should always start with yourself first and foremost - from my own thoughts. After all, what we think, and attract into your life. What we ourselves are, and such people, including men, will surround us. Change yourself and change your world. Good luck!

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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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