By changing yourself, changing your world.


in Earlier articles, I have touched on the theme of positive thinking, "programming" himself to the achievement of the desired ("Karmic security through positive thinking", "Save yourself...", "Open access to the subconscious"). It is important to remember, repetition is the mother of learning.

How can "help" the problems of the retreat? To change our attitude towards the world, towards others and the world will sparkle with new colors. A few recommendations:

Not to panic and not to overly dramatize events, i.e. not to make mountains out of molehills. This habit will help to assess the real damage will reduce the risk of anxiety, which is probably the tool contribute to the importance of the person in the eyes of others. Habit to give the status of "catastrophe" even small, insignificant events that adversely affect our ability to respond to these events.

— is Consonant with the preceding paragraph there is the following recommendto dream about the events, having a small amount of information — it is unpromising. Haste in the conclusion - double-edged razor. First, we have a man confirmed our fears and we made up, we know how he will act, like extrasensory is the second Ya And, second, in connection with these thoughts be inattentive to detail, or a change in the behavior of the interlocutor, which would definitely a more realistic assessment of what is happening, if we were more attentive and not busy in their predictions of possible events.

— Bringing to a common denominator of several lucky or unlucky events prevent to evaluate each of them as experience. Therefore it is better not to generalize. a Series of failed attempts — not necessarily a pattern. As a single success is not always a good start for the victorious series. A good habit is to make each event to perceive in a given time and as a result of its activities.

Not perfeccionista. Nothing perfect does not exist, because reaching the ideal, the person creates a new perfect image. Trying to find a place for a perfect holiday, we can see quite a good place for a quality vacation without noticing their merits. The perfect relationship is a myth, but if you're sacred trust is likely to spend life in loneliness multiplies.

do Not cling to the past. Past events can't be undone, can't change what happened, happened. Endlessly analyzing the events of the past, we hinder ourselves to let them go, to forgive offenses. Of despair and frustration, anger, misery broadcast to the Universe the people cling to the past. The longer you "scroll" in my head thoughts of past problems, the more extensive they seem. To deny the past influence you, can be quite a simple way — find the pros in the incident.

Train yourself to think optimistically. he Who seeks will always find. But what you will find depends on you. Will look for flaws will find them will search for dignity - they often begin to meet and to form. Life through the prism of the curved mirror is hard for the psyche, its resources may not be enough. Do not experiment with your own psychic abilities, it is better to deal with prevention.

Change yourself — and the world will change with you!

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