"my Husband said that if I didn't stop yelling at him, he's gonna leave me. And I can't help but shout! You know, I can't" - recently many queries on the subject of emotional state. It is clear, so many seminars, articles written about this; "to Be discreet easy", "Calm's your thing", "one, two, three and you nothing is annoying"...

that may be So. But, let me just reflect on this topic.

We the people. And by nature we are emotional. Someone wants to cry, someone to laugh, someone gets offended and someone hysteria and throws objects. But, due to the fact that we live in a society, we prohibit to himself those emotions.

And try to resolve. Just allow! Times and allow! I want to shout – I can yell, I want to resent can resent, I want to send "far and long" - you can send in a certain direction, I want to cry can cry.

One only is the resolution itself is already soothing)))

Allow yourself to be who you are, may be enough for one mask, to replace the other. Let yourself be alive, real, emotional,evil or good, warm, vulnerable, sad.

Allowed? Great.

now answer the question: "you need It"?: yelling, hysteria, angry, mad, cry, be angry, be upset, be sad, to grieve, to prove his innocence to "pain in the gums"?

If you need to – okay. Effects appreciated? Not afraid? So be it.

And if you do not, then what do we do? Right! Calm down.

Mind you, not for somebody calm, not out of fear of something or someone to lose. But for yourself! For myself calm down. Themselves calm down. Self-soothing comes in and the inside becomes nice and calm, it on the face of course a smile. Here is the magic

Try! Helps me)))

❤ Larisa Zamyatin

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Larisa Zamyatin
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