Can I be on you to pray?


I often meet people who in some sense lost. And looking for himself in all possible ways: I read Castaneda, travel, go to the tarragon, do yoga, cross oceans, visit the retreats, run.

People often have problems with self-awareness, suggesting that they do something, I'm afraid to talk about it, at the same time shaping to others the image of "everything is fine" to stay clear and convertible. Thus the separation from their true feelings and external image forces only to ignite the hearth of suffering more and more.

to feel something and shut it out in fear of being not accepted and not understood by others is a big mistake, the root of which is the betrayal itself. The ability to stand itself in its manifestations and not to avoid it – is something that can and should learn.

Recently, one man told me about his attempts to close the eyes and imagine yourself standing straight. But he couldn't do it. In his view it karezhilo, and he couldn't get his brain to obey. And then said he was afraid to tell this to someone because it can be crazy.

And even more curious in this whole scheme, is the one who refers to himself, feeling a chill from the permanent key on the chest leading to hidden doors, watching the other cautiously. He was so scared to see myself somehow not so that he hysterically starts to look around the stable someone, leaning on which it will be able for a while to calm down.

the human Desire to see in the other some way connected with his need to remove his vital concern and to realize their hidden needs a strong parent. Under the wing of the strong calm.

People have learned how to calm down at least for some period of time invented designed idol. Approaching a little closer to the real man, inventor, frowns, noticing the cracks. And again there is a meaning in life: to devalue and go to look for a new statue.

it Seems that people find it very difficult to be ordinary people.

I once corresponded with a man, and he asked, well, tell me about yourself, you must be very interesting. I replied that I was normal. "I thought you were different...". The less someone thinks something extra about myself and others, forming a projection, the closer to reality, the less the abyss in which to fall.

Now I feel calm and at standard entry into the territory of my profession, "Well you're the psychologist, you all should be clear, because you work with people." I do not claim enlightenment in the ultimate truth, and to me looked like the virgin Mary, I am a normal person with normal problems, search, feelings, desires and work on myself, and that's why I find it easier to understand other ordinary people.

Nadezhda Belyakova
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