Can the social network to replace the object of love?


increasingly, we can notice an increase in the number of people exhibiting hyperactivity in social networks, and sometimes dependent on them. What is this phenomenon? Why for some people it is so important the number of likes that they sometimes seriously can call and ask them not to ignore their findings or photos? Or upload your own photo/video every hour... whether they are important these dogs or something else?

Every child grows and forms their I under the influence of the attitude of the parents in the first place. And let the parents even the best, still they will evaluate the results of a child - directly or indirectly - can praise him or chide, and this is quite normal. But if the parents have the certain problems, usually intrapsychic, but sometimes interpersonal problems, they can project their dissatisfaction in the past or current situation on the child, constantly criticizing and devaluing his achievements, efforts and ability. For example, always unhappy mother instead of praise begin to compare the child with the child of a friend, neighbor, colleagues - you do a great is not made - Vasya from the second entrance here - Yes, take an example! This child is constantly trying to earn praise from parents and the environment(usually a straight a student and honors, but not always), trying to prove to them that you are worthy of their praise. But gradually the child begins to understand that this can only be achieved from the external environment, there is praise and sympathize and support, or show at least some attention, but at home he still will never get that so longs to hear : "You are the best!(best)smart, beautiful, etc! - I proud!"
As well said Jacques Lacan we wish to be wanted, and social networks many of us give this opportunity. Getting social "stroking" people feel the approval, acceptance, desirability, lost from loved ones. Or it could be a competition, e.g. number of likes, which again is a children's desire for acceptance, but without comparison with others.

to summarize, I want to mention is the misleading of a person the illusion of what is happening in the social network, and iskusstvennost the person, although it looks quite real. But we all know that in real life everything is completely different(often the same) and if social networks are the person that is a means of escaping reality and getting rid of feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding, innuendo, then it becomes less and less a necessity in this reality.

And then the can help the psychologist!!!

Polozova, Elena
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